Grow #2: Purple Haze & Red Diesel.. Hydro/DWC..Feminized Photos

My Set-Up
iPower Tent: 3 x 3 x 6’
1 gallon DWC buckets with AIT bubbler rings.
450 watt Meizhi Reflector LED (pulling 137 watts from wall).
Nutes: GH FloraDuo A&B, Armor Si, CalMag…however, this grow have added; Great White Mycorrhizae, Humboldt’s Golden Tree & GH Floralicious Plus.
Medium: Rapid Rooters/Hydroton

Posting a few pics before I begin topping & clearing their under-bush.

Time to meet my new ladies: Purple Haze & Red Diesel. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s Hazes 4 week birthday!!! 7" – 7 Nodes

The Red Devil lol is lagging behind four days…4" – 5 Nodes

Still have a slew of pics & video to post… from the beginning… the germination… insect invasions… root issues… all of which I hope will be of help to all. Will post as time permits… Peace Out For Now :seedling::leaves::herb: