Grow #2 plans need help

I’m closing in on my first grow, I have about 3 more weeks before I harvest my last 3 girls. I’m trying to plan my next grow, I have 2 Mars Hydro ts1000’s and a 3x3 tent I’m using foxfarm ocean forest and happy frog soil mix. I have 3 auto flower seeds and 3 photos my original plan is to use 5 gal pots for the photos and 3 gal pots for the autos. I ordered a exhale co2 bag I’m looking to use dry amendments but don’t know which ones to get can anybody help?

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Geez a lot of people have recently jumped onto the dry amendment train here is my plan

Week 0 medium combining 5 gallon fabric pots 50% coco coir 20%compost(preferably mushroom ) 30% perlite 4 Tbsp down to earth 444 and 2 Tbsp bloodmeal
Week 3 8 Tb 444 4 Tb each of 484 and bloodmeal
Week 5 if no pistils 3 Tbsp 484
Week 0 of flower 12 Tbsp 484
Week 2 of flower 10 Tbsp 484
Water amendments once a week(starting week2 or 3) 1 ml of mr fulvic ,2/3- 3/4 dose of nectar for the gods sample pack minus the Zeus juice (also 1 tsp of epson salt ) .
Then run 2 gallons of water through each pot 3 -10 days before harvest for extra smoothness

Im assuming you’ll be flipping the photos same time as autos flip so youll be fine starting a half dose at week 3 (given fox farms strength)then going fine then on and then tack on 6 Tbsp 484 at week 5 of flower if you dont see any browning on your photos(since photos flowers longer) you may also want some mykos since I don’t think ffof has it but im not 100%

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And JUST when I was getting comfortable with the FF trio. DAMNIT!!!
Now I gotta buy something ELSE? I think smoking crack would save me money at this point.
it would definitely be a cheaper hobby.

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I know what you mean I bawk at the price of nectar of the gods full line prices that’s why I just use their essentials and cut it with down to earth

Jesus tap dancing Christ, That’s a car payment. Some of the prices on some of this stuff is
down right ridiculous. Bordering on the absurd even.

I guess if you want top self quality, you can demand a premium price if it’s true and tested.

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I plan on letting my autos grow under 20/4 or 18/6 while my photos veg out once my autos are flowering I will make the flip, by then the autos should be where I want them as far as size goes. I have 2 blackberry kush autos from FastBuds and 1 Wipeout Express auto from HeavyWeight Seed Co. Both are claiming to be done in about 75 days.

Jacks (jr peters) seems to be the most popular, and is incredibly easy to use. 1 25# bag of part A and B will last about 5 grows of 6 plants in my experience. And at $115 total for the 2 bags plus a $15 bag of epsom salt, doesn’t get much cheaper than that for a full nutrient line to last over 1000 gallons.

Just google jacks 321…the forum is LOADED with info but it is as simple as (per gallon of water) 3.6g of part a, then 1.2g of epsom salt, stir and disolve, then 2.4g of part B, stir and ph it to your setting (5.8-6.0 for coco or 6.2-6.4 for soil)…this mix can/will take you from seedling all the way through harvest.

A lot of us do add a few other things (recharge, tribus , mammoth P, and cytoplus /tm-7 to name a few) just for roots (no nutritional value in these only mychorizae)