GROW #2 Jack H Auto Indoor

Looking great, nicely done on the transplant :love_you_gesture:

OCTOBER 15: Happy Friday ! Girls Doing Great
Early Differences Between Alice and Betty:
Alice’s 3rd set of leaves are 3 fingered and Betty’s 3rd set are 5 fingered.
Betty was Wounded back on Oct 12th losing one 3rd set leaf ( see pic )…But is recovering
fine with minimal shock.
Alice appears to have a slightly thicker lower base stem.

I always love this stage as new growth is quite noticeable every 12 hours.

At Day “12” these 2 girls are So Far Ahead of the 2 plants I harvested in Aug !!!
I’ll Post Comparison pics at end of this post…

Have set them out on back deck for 2.5 hrs past 2 days ( cloudy today )
Inside with lights at 50%, PPFD is currently 390 at 12" Temp between 78f - 80f.

Have a Good Weekend and See ya in a couple days !

MONDAY Oct 11th

TUESDAY Oct 12th

Bettys Broken Leaf 1 of the 3rd set



FRIDAY Oct 15th
COMPARING this Current Grow At DAY 12 VS 1ST Grow at DAY 15 - BIG DIFF

1st Grow at DAY 15 ( both had stressful events a week earlier )
1st Grow Alpha at Day 15

1st Grow Charlie at Day 15

CURRENT Grow - Today at Day 12….so far ahead…

Betty Recovering Fine from broken leaf


Nice growth, and healthy! Always a Bonus :love_you_gesture:

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Looking good and healthy

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Happy Hump Day… !
Happy Topping Day…!
Decided to Top Both. (Day 17) Done at 4th Node (same as Grow 1 )
Previous Grow not topped til Day 25 ( due to early stress )
Topped 2 hrs into light cycle; after scheduled watering.
10 Hrs later doing Fine.
Reminder: Alice in Super Soil from aPotForPot and Betty in FF Ocean
So Far ahead of Grow 1 that I was actually getting a bit anxious while visualizing \ thinking about anticipated LST and how much bigger this grow is going to be Lol - 1st world problems.
Been able to put outside with angled rotation ( as before ) last 3 days. 4 hrs today.
Ambient at 60-70 and blue skies this week. In Sun, the fiber bags get nice and warm
Inside - currently at 485 ppfd at 12".

Both Topped


OCT 25 - Manic Monday ? :rofl:
Girls looking fine. Growing strong
I Added an aux side lamp. Cob 35w led.
The plant closest to the cob lamp gets rotated every 30 mins. Thx to retirement Lol
may devise a platter to auto rotate when i’m not home :thinking: :thinking:
The 2 plants are swapped positions twice a day.
I chopped 1st node branches on both 10/23 and Lst - 2nd node branches.
took a toothpick and put speck of honey on wound where branch cut and the applied small bandage, will remove in a day or 2
Alice is 3" taller but other aspects look the same.

Side Aux Lamp added plant rotated every 30 mins



10 22 21 Betty top +2 closeup

Remember that Betty lost a 3rd node fan leaf
That’s why she looks a bit bare in this pc below


Very healthy looking brother! Nice job with the topping :love_you_gesture:

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