GROW #2 Jack H Auto Indoor

Bedroom Closet Grow #2:in 5 Gal Bags
Strain: Jack Herer ( from ILGM )
Type : Auto
Climate: Indoor Closet
Medium: Soil - See Below
Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS):Ph’d H2o with CalMag
Light schedule: 24/0 then 18 / 6 ( On at 6 a.m. \ Off at Midnight )
Ventilation: Open ended Closet with 2 fans
AC: House AC

5 Gallon Bags x 2
*Maxsisun PB1000 Pro x 2
Quantum PAR meter
Bag 1 - Super Soil mix from aPotForAPot, Coco coir \ Perlite \ diaomacteous earth
Bag 2 - Fox Farm Pacific Ocean , coco coir \ perlite \ diamacteous earth
Cal/Mag \ Ph Up+Down
@Not2SureYet @Covertgrower @AfgVet @Stimmy7 @Mark0427 @Cat1
Welcome to my Grow # 2 Journal
Link to 1st - Another "Rookie" Grow Started, 30 yrs Later
Learned a LOT from 1st grow. Very Excited to start grow #2 !!
On scale of 1 - 10, I consider 1st grow a solid 8 ( considering my F.U.'s Lol )

9/30 - Drop 2 seeds in water 7 p.m.
10/1 - Drop seeds in Peat Pots 7 p.m.( after 24 hrs seeds showed slight shell splitting )
Tented.and PAR at 350
10/2 - No Change \ sign of bulge by end of day Upped PAR to 400
Currently under ‘tent’ 77% RH and 80 degrees F
10/3 - 8:00 a.m. Both Seeds bulging dirt !! Noon Both Popping Out


Here and set to watching. Good luck with your grow


Looking good! Best of luck and keep’em green! :seedling: 🪴


Set to watching. Good luck can’t wait the cooler weather is here. Whew. I see what everyone talks about with growing at certain times. Summer here is hard inside if u don’t have central air. Lol


Thanks for the tag. I am always up for an auto grow :grin: I am with @Mark0427 This summer has killed me.


@Mark0427 right there with you brother, all was cool until a couple of weeks ago, temps went down into the lower 50s at night and over 80 in the day. Found out how important temp and RH is. My oldest plant Abbey has leaves curling and may not make it. One plant Carol has big nice fat leaves and I thought I was going to loose her a little over a month ago. I have AC in the grow room but the change in temps hurt. Mike


Out of likes, digging the new set up and run. Congrats on the 1st one. :love_you_gesture:


Good luck :+1: I’m set to watch


Do u have a thread. If so tag me there. Would like to come see it journey. Thanks.

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Yeah I am Fortunate that temp and rh stays Very stable in the house here, allowing me to have good control over environment. 1st grow typically spent 8hrs of its 18/6 cycle outside each day ( june,july,aug). Sun angle has changed considerable so will most likely keep this pair indoors full time. The 2 gallon bag and 3 gallon bag used 1st time were easy to take in and out.


Addt Info \ thoughts going into Grow #2,

Seeds are #'s 5 & 6 from the J.Herrer. 10 pack I bought last spring

( #'s 1, 2, and 3 used in Grow #1 and sprouted fine …#4 did Not. Gave #3 away )

Two of the 3 seeds in G#1 were Sativa Dominant and 3rd Indica Dom.
Be interested to see what materializes this time.

Will again Top above 4th node

Very Light LST Only thereafter… ( I Swear !! )
(Going for same effect\spread I achieved with the indica 1st grow - see below)

Regimented defoliation vs “Semi Haphazard” method lol

Going for 6-8 main branches ( this one was 6 )

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OCT 4th
QUESTION - Do I consider today (Oct 4) as Day One of Veg ?
( Inquiring minds want to know :grin:)

Seed put in Peat Pot Friday Oct 1
Broke surface Sunday Oct 3 ( yesterday )
Standing Fully Up Right this Morning…

My Girls…
My Babies…

My…Precious… :rofl: :rofl:


I’d prolly say as soon as she pops and is green u can consider it vegging but some say when the first set of Tru leaves pop ect ect ect.


My preference is after the germ/seedling stage (12-14 days) then day 1 of veg starts for me :love_you_gesture:


Works for me
Did some further reading that echoes that time frame

Right on, I started an auto experiment and recorded dates to harvest. Everything I read says autos don’t have a veg period and I disagree with that. They have one in my opinion, it’s very short but there. Since you’re growing photos it’ll help with defoliating days before and after the light flip, feeding schedule etc…

you mentioned Photos…I’m growing Autos
Lol, def have a veg stage…
My recent 1st grow I pretty much went on idea that after standing upright these J.H. auto’s would be in flower sometime between week 6 and week 8. It was harvested 12 weeks to the day of sprouting upright

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Sorry about that brother, well you got my experimental speech anyway. I ran 4 of the same strain with 4 different harvest dates. It’s a misconception on the stated harvest dates, those truly are from first sign of flowering…in my experience anyway. That’s why I started keeping dates on some auto runs. More for my own personal info because I do some pretty torturous training and with autos that needs to happen before the flowering sets in and dates help me with that.


Good Morning All
Girls looking Great. Growing Like Weeds
Sorry…couldn’t resist

PPFD is 320 at 12"
Thinking I may transplant to 5 gal bags in 3 days - Sunday
Considering Topping just 1 plant and leaving the other alone
Topping whichever is taller at the time.
(Topped both at 4th node last grow.)


OCT 7th


Oct 10th - Girls looking good
1) Began 19/5 Light schedule on the 7th
2) Went ahead and Transplanted both on 10/8, a few days early. 300 ml ph’d bottled water,
circular feeding. `Early transplant does not seem to be negatively affecting either plant too bad…observed Noticeable Growth 12 hours After transplant.
3) Currently 350 ppfd at 12 inches Temp and Humidity is fine
4) Gave them both 30 mins outside yesterday 10/9 - they loved it ( perfect day for it )
( think I’ll set them out now for another 30 - sunny and 79 degrees )
5) While my written journal I kept for 1st grow has helped…I can see how deficient it actually is and am keeping a Much More Detailed written journal documenting everything I do Lol

OCT 9th (1 day after Transplant)

OCT 10th ( 2 days after transplant )