Grow #2 - Garanimals & FaceOff OG Kush Journal

After a great first run, I wanted to document my next run (1 Garanimals and 1 FaceOff OG Kush). Both are photo periods vs my last grow was an auto. So a bit to brush up on there. Anyway, not much to report on yet. Soon enough!

Would love some company along the way! So feel free to follow. In the meantime, tell me about your Garanimals and/or FaceOff grow!!!

How did you pop your seeds

Hey @Mrandre069, welcome to the forum!!! Good to have ya! If ever you have questions this is a great place to ask!

So First I pH water to 6.4 and I soaked them in a glass of the pH water. I let them soak for 24hrs and then do the paper towel method using the same 6.4 water for another 2 days. I put the paper towel in a zip lock to keep it moist. Basically what I want to see is a 1/2 - 3/4 tail. This usually takes 2 - 3 days.

As far as soil. I use Fox Farm Ocean Forrest and scoop out a solo cup area of Happy Frog in the middle. The seed goes in the Happy Frog section so the Ocean Forrest nutrients don’t burn the seed.

Aha i like what u did with ur ffof how u put a solo cup of happy frog in the middle rather then burning ur plant with the ocean Forest good thinking to many people plant there seeds in straight ocean Forest and they wonder why there seedlings burn

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Lift off on one of the 2 Garanimals! Still nothing from the other Garanimals and Faceoff! The wait continues…