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Crystal fem - Day 1

And so it begins

4 beans in filtered water sittin on the cable box. They’ll go in a paper towel tomorrow.


Ive got 4 about 3 weeks old & theyre already twice the size of either strains grown last time.



Good luck! I’m watching. Go Bucks!

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Go Bucks! @SilentHippie @muffybunny

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I’ll follow along :nerd_face: I’m planning to scrog two in my next set. They are clones I took from my sour diesel bag seed sweetie :kissing_heart: Just hoping my current set is ready to harvest before the clones are ready to flower. :thinking:

Cool☺I’ll be watching and learning !

@SilentHippie @bob31 I can’t even. Iowa? Really? We got our asses handed to us by the Hawkeyes. Uggh! No playoffs this year.



Yeah, that was a pretty pathetic showing but I gotta hand it to the Hawkeyes. They played an awesome game and took advantage of our mistakes. They were definitely the better team yesterday.

So there’s something I’m going to do with this grow that I’ve been putting off talking in-depth about because I know people will say I’m crazy. I’m going to go ahead and do a nutrient test grow. The number of nute lines and what they claim to do is so overwhelming. I’m going to take 4 of them to task. I’m going to do 4 plants identical in every environmental way except I will use a different nute line for each.

All 4 will be sprouted the same way - in ph 6.0 water for 24 hours, then in a wet paper towel until the tails are 1/4-1/2 inch.

Then they’ll go in rockwool cubes that have been soaked overnight in water with whatever nutes the line recommends, but at 25% strength. The seeded cubes will each sit on a square of coco coir matting in a germination tray with a clear lid. The coco coir matting promotes root spread from the get go instead of the roots growing straight down. The tray will sit on top of a germination mat under a 600w full spectrum LED. Once they’re about 1-1/2 to 2 inches tall, the lid will come off. If the cubes run dry, I’ll water/feed, but still only at 25%. This will go on until it’s time to move them to pots in the veg tent. Hopefully this whole starting/seedling process will be about 2 weeks.

I’m going to intentionally leave some planning details out until the times come to do the tasks. Leave a little intrigue. I will share that the 4 nute lines I decided on are General Hydroponics, Nectar for the Gods, Mills, and Heavy 16.

DISCLAIMER - For any newer members that may read this, I’m not an expert. I’ve learned a lot, but I’m still very much testing/trying new methods. Don’t take anything I’m doing as “so that’s how you’re supposed to do it”. At least not with this grow. I may kill all 4 plants. I wouldn’t want anyone to go down in flames with me.


yeah that wasn’t good…

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Crystal fem - Day 2

I just went to get my seeds out of the water to put them in a paper towel so they could hopefully pop tails…

Makes it difficult to think about ever NOT using ILGM seeds. They’re staying in the paper towel for a minute anyway. I have to prep the cubes and the shelf they’ll be on.


The rock wool cubes are soaking, the light is hung and the shelf is in place. The seeds will go in the cubes in a germination tray tomorrow.

The problem with your test is that the four seeds could be different phenotypes, so very different growth, yields, etc. even with identical nutes. I think you need to take four cuttings from the same mother plant and do the test with four genetically-identical clones. Then you will see the effect of using different nutes.


I have 2 clones from one plant… maybe I’ll do this. They won’t flower for at least another month and are only getting clonex right now. Should they be fed more at this point? They are 18 days old and I’m still wondering if they’ll survive - there’s no sign of new growth yet but they’re still alive.

@1BigFella I see your point. I’m still going to roll with it and see what happens.

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Just my decade of doing medical research coming through! Actually, I’m sure all of the specialized nutrients work fine. I think any of them will give you the full potential of the plant. Light, light cycle, amount of water, water pH, temp, and relative humidity probably have much greater effects once the plant has adequate N, P, K, and trace minerals.

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Crystal fem - Day 3

My grow shop guys are all looking forward to hearing about the results.

Checked the seeds in the paper towel and they were going to town,

So I got them all set up in their dome. I’m concerned I damaged one when I put it in. We’ll see.

These are squares of coco mat. If you set your cubes on these, when the roots hit it, they start to sprawl. It’s a tip I got from some old hippie dude on youtube. It worked on my first grow, so I’m doing it again.

Seeds in the cubes

Lid on the tray

On the germination mat under 600w led. Opinions on height?


Crystal fem - Day 4

Meet the ladies:
Jenny. She’s the one I’m afraid I hurt when putting her in the cube.




I dropped the light about an inch. It seemed a little too high and the heat still wasn’t bad between the light and the dome.

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@muffybunny is a humid dome a must ? It’s been a week and my seeds haven’t even broke shell . I germinated just as you did but I think all of them are dead . They weren’t ilgm seeds . I’m using a 300w Chinese led . But it stays pretty cool like 78 in my tent .

@Terra-cotta I’ve never not started with a dome, mj or other, so I don’t know if it’s a must.

A 300w should be good enough for seedling. @bob31 would know. Mine is 600w, which I keep up a little because I worry the heat is too much. How close do you have it above your cubes?

That temp should be good for environmental, but do you have your tray sitting on any kind of heat source?

Last but not least, genetics are crucial. Bunk seeds won’t grow no matter what you do. I’m sure there are other reliable banks, but I happened to stumble on ILGM first and became a believer on my 1st go-around.