Grow 17 A fresh start 🚐

They look terrific B!


Thanks guys. I am finally starting to see a little orange here and there for the pistols. The MB should be farther than the big plant. But seems to be still growing lol I also keep forgetting I have the Pink kush auto in the veg tent. I put it on a coco mat so it will not die if I keep over looking it lol


Well, I chopped the Money bush this morning. She was small but has some heavy buds at least :grin:

This was her final week here

And this morning

This is the RHC. Today I see she is starting to turn pink :grin: I have it on straight water to try and flush the ppms in the coco down some. I was at 2800 ppm for my run off. I am hoping to get down to the 900 range since I re use the coco.
This is week 9

The lower buds even look great


Beauties! Harvest congrats!

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Congrats on the harvest Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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Nice looking spread there buddy!

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