Grow 14 Gas lantern light and lots of autos 🥸

Thank ya i had no clue, idea just popped in my head and didnt know if anything like that would cool a few degrees. But got to thinking after i wrote it, basically be like an old swamp cooler we use to use as the ranch. Appreciate the feed back with out making me feel like an idiot lol.


That’s why we’re here. Using a swamp cooler styled like a fan blowing over water or ice can cool a room. But often brings humidity issues with. In some cases increase in humidity is good and makes this a great solution. In others can lead to mold, rot, and pest issues.

A little bit of ingenuity originated from hills can save you a lot of money, and I definitely live in this world. I’ve also leaned a few lessons the hard way. Way more of my ideas have flopped than proven successful. But you never know if you don’t ask or try.


Morning all. Before I get into this. I asked to have my other journal of the 2 big plants removed. I gave those 2 away. I really need a break from growing right now. I keep saying I will take one and never do. Crazy, but it is almost 5 years of non stop growing. And to many plants most times :grimacing: So once this grow is finished. I am going to stop till next year. This grow is going to go way past what I planned. And the other 2 were just getting to big.

So, for this week. All looks the same I think. It still looks like I may be weeks away from chopping any thing. The AC/DC shows as a 9 -10 week plant. She is on week 7 of flower here and looks about ready. I am taking her day by day. With this as the last grow. I want to make sure every one is really done. I see some that will probably need chopped in stages. To let the lower stuff finish.

Any ways. here is the Big bang auto at week 5 of flower

The Jack Herer auto finished week 7 of flower



The Money bush week 8 of flower

Super Critical bud week 8 of flower

AC/DC week 7 of flower

Cantava week 5 of flower

RQS Diesel week 4 of veg

I guess that is it for now. I had chopped the Charlotte’s Yesterdream. It is just over 3oz. I went through a few drying issues. It was ready to get Bagged. I left it over night to make sure. Then we got rain and the humidity sucked it self into the plants. So I had to re dry a bit longer.


Just beautiful bro…excellant grow happy growing :bat: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:


Looking good in their Sir. I think one of the Bubble Gum and the 2 Jack Herer will be chopped this weekend. The other Bubble Gum will be next weekend I hope.


I closed other topic. These look great too!


Thanks @dbrn32 @Deepsix @thecount13 @Deepsix How long before this grow is done?

In what regards? You still have rqs diesel in veg, so you would know better than me.

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Probably 2 weeks and it will be all done, I’ll chop 1 Bubble Gum and the 2 Jack Herer this weekend and the other Bubble Gum next weekend. Then a short break will clean the tent and setup the auto-pots.


Sorry @dbrn32 I was asking @Deepsix since I saw on his thread he was about ready to chop.
And what’s the deal. You lost your crystal ball :grin: :laughing: Mine should be done by the end of Oct.


I have no crystal ball. If I did at one time has been replaced with Rottweiler sized piles of dung lol.


I wish I would have listened to my coworkers crystal ball last night.