Grow 14 Gas lantern light and lots of autos 🥸

OK, that’s what it looked like. I’m aware of MeEasy using the rapid rooters, he really likes them. Seems like GH doesn’t make a package smaller than 50, lol.

Ah. I’ve only grown in soil. I’m tempted by coco, mainly because of less/no bugs, haha.

Thanks for the roots busting through the nursery bag pic. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I buy them in the 50 packs. A few at a time lol I think you would like coco. Things grow faster in it. And if you ever do autos. You will really see the difference. :slightly_smiling_face:


What I’ve heard and seen. I only do autos. The watering every day is :neutral_face: , I know you understand. :slightly_smiling_face: Thus, the interest of some sort of (semi) automatic watering setup. :smile:


The watering can be a pain if you have a lot or are a busy person. That is the main reason I did more bottom fed in the trays. My up date above shows the 3 that just sit in a run off tray. I only need to fill it when it is low. And not worry about any run off. You will want to top feed for the first 3 weeks though. Pre soak the coco or use promix. After 3 weeks. It gets pretty simple. I have roots showing in the pans now. My camera just died. Well, needs charged. I will show that in a few hours :grin: Post 213 shows an auto I just finished. My biggest plant yet. It was an auto.


I still haven’t used the nursery bags you gave me. I’ll try to remember to use them in January when I run two hemp plants.


@MattyBear This is from feeding from the tray


When we first started learning to grow it was considered a bad thing to have the pots sitting in nutrient solution. Now we’re using systems designed to do that. Interesting. Plus it grows good plants.


I think it was @dbrn32 that had mentioned algae

in a post some where so I am going to blame him lol I have one pot in a tray that now has some on the side. The plant still looks great. And all the others are fine. Every one other than the veg tent are on a 12/12 Some look a little beat up. I had the dehumidifier in there and it was blowing on a few. They didn’t like it lol

Here is where I am at now.
The photos

Banana Monkey auto


Gorilla girl

And the Grimm glue photo

The 5’ tent

Ready for 1 gallon pots.


Looking good in there my friend.


Sure glad you controlled yourself and didn’t grow a bunch haha!


Gonna be full in there for sure!!!


You can’t blame me for knowing this was going to happen lol


My problem is I like the first 3 weeks of growing these :grin: If some one were wanting to do a sog or similar. Having the aquavalve in the bigger trays is working perfect. The tray goes dry in a couple spots before re filling. I am fighting with my self right now. I want smaller plants. But my brain says. BIG :roll_eyes: So, now I ma thinking of putting the Alani into a 5 gallon pot. And growing it big in the 4x4 tent. I can try in the veg tent since these are all small plants this grow. And then. I can drop a few more to put in the 5’ tent. That one will stay on a 12/12 all the time. So I can move plants in and out as they finish.
So, next up date there may be one in the 4x4 :laughing:
And no blaming any one for things lol And I do have self control. :grin: I save it for other things non grow related :laughing: Thanks @Deepsix @GreggT
Come next grow. I am going to use the 3x3 pan in the big tent for this. That and a pair of the 2’ pans. And I can start using up some of these seeds.


Wow, almost this whole grow has gone past with out me getting back to here. I all ready chopped the C4, Banana Monkey, Gorilla girl and tomorrow will be the Grimm Glue. This is what is left. Not my best grow. But to be honest. I have almost done nothing with this grow other than just keep the rez full.

Here is what is left. Sorry, it is hard to get good pictures with the lights. I need to get a little 23w in each tent for pictures :grin:

This is the Bubba Kush week 15

The Fruit punch. week 15. This has some heavy buds on her.

The Sweet Tooth is not to far off now

The Grimm Glue @Missiles has laid claim to this one :laughing:

These are all in 1 gallon pots and ran on a 12/12 from week 1
@CoyoteCody s Midnight Snacks

@ThcinKC s Acapulco Gold

Original Skunk #1

Sour Diesel

Cindy 99

Alani Skunk x Gluey

These are the ones all ready chopped

This was almost 2 weeks before harvest

The Gorilla Girl

Banana Monkey a week before I chopped her

Ok, I think I am caught up. I go back to get my eyes re checked in a couple weeks. Hopefully it will not be long before I can get new contacts and glasses


I started thinking it may be able to just point to the new grow from here :grin:


Beautiful buds brother!


That Grimm Glue didn’t last long once it landed in my hands. One of my top favs :sunglasses::v: you was a lifesaver with that one lol


Look who the cat dragged in?! Good to see you around!


Thank you @dbrn32 :grin: I remembered my way back lol


Hey hey stranger! I’ve had my eye on all the new crosses by BG lately. Hope all is well sis :call_me_hand:t3:

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