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Plant is small and your light settings are probably fine for now. As it develops a couple more nodes you can increase intensity.

Don’t get too caught up on average temp. Ideally you want your lights on temp to be around 80f or couple degrees higher. That is where you’ll start getting best leaf surface temps. Then dial in your relative Humidity to meet vpd chart for stage of growth you’re in. A drop in temp at lights out is expected, but try to keep no more than 10-15 degrees f lower. Too much lower will enter region where you can start to see plant shock. That is why it’s better to be more decisive with your temps. When you say average is 70, that’s not terrible. But definitely not good if lights on temp is 90f and lights out temp is 50f.


Dbrn32 covered.


Sounds good, I was debating about picking up a heater today and you just made my mind up for me with that. Thank you.
Lights on temp has been 70 degrees, but I haven’t been able to check lights out temp yet. I misspoke by saying average.
Hoping to use the heater to heat the room vs just the tent.
What are your guys thoughts on humidity control? Or what methods do you prefer using I guess is more what I’m asking. You think the bucket of water with towel as a wick works good enough? Or should I look into a humidifier?


Humidifiers just do so much better at upping the rh reliably I tried the bowl method and it’s a pain in the butt and just not great (it’ll only raise you rh by 10%max)

Thank you to you all that are helping. And to everyone on this forum really. Hahah this is a great bunch and I’ve learned well everything so far from this forum and you guys. Thanks for the help to this point and all the future help! I really do appreciate all the help and input!


So, with RH and the numbers you gave earlier. I should be in the 60-70% range right now, correct?
Right now, when I’ve been checking the tent the RH is 48-52% over the last week. I added 2 wet wash clothes last night and it was up to 58%.
Shouldn’t I really only need another 10-15% to get me thru veg?
And won’t my plant growing and me watering it add more RH to the tent as well?
If I get a humidifier, do I ph the water inside as well?
Lol the last question made me laugh a little bit writing it, am I getting to far into my own head with that one?

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Technically you don’t NEED it any better then that but I find you get a little extra boost in a growth if your girls aren’t sweating out excess moisture. And no, phing water in humidifier does nothing ,water vapor doesn’t carry the solids that actually make up what ph is.

Cool, thanks. Looks like my shopping list keeps getting longer. Haha


Just remembered that we found an extra warm air mister lying around the house last night. Will get that cleaned up and running tonight and see how it works.
Do you run the humidifier while the lights are out as well then or should I plug them into the same light timer?

I run my humidifier with its built in timer whenever I see the rh low light or dark doesn’t really matter


One thing I’ve learned in my vast 2 weeks of growing is…how much ambient temps and humidity effect what is going on in the tent. My cheapy light (at 16") keeps the inside (2x2x48) about 72-82 degrees…if I move to a different light, like an HLG 260 QB…I’m not sure if I’ll be able to maintain these temps during the Winter in a 2x4x60 or a 3x3x72 when I upgrade.

Keep the driver in the tent with the HLG if you need more heat. If you don’t mount it outside. You can also heat the room the tent is in instead of putting it inside the room for starters. What are your thoughts?

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It’ll be in a spare bedroom…so the room will be heated. My thoughts are, with the taller tent, I’d put everything inside…that would include the light, fan & filter. I’m growing autos now…and I may stick with that for their ease of growing & lack of maintenance through it’s life, but I know that somewhere down the line I’m going to want to attempt a regular feminized plant.

That is what I’m shooting for with the heater, but I was thinking of putting the humidifier in the tent itself.
With a humidifier, is a warm mist one ok, or should I be using a cool mist one?

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Normal is absolutely fine. Watch for deposit build up if your using hard water and pH doesn’t matter of supplied water

I went cool mist because I had one in the garage…LOL. I put one of those small white fans on top of the tent blowing in to circulate the air, then aimed the humidifier vents at the fan and it blows humidity into the tent. That way I have more control of it and I don’t have to open & close the tent so much. I didn’t trust the humidistat on the unit to control the amount of moisture…plus I only have a 2x2x48 tent. So far, so good.

Hey folks, I was wondering if you could look a little closer at these discolorations on my plant and tell me what you think?
I did raise the lights 2-3 inches and turned them down from 60 to 40%. They were 22” from the top of the plant. I feel like an idiot, but misread the spider farmer recommendations. Thought it said 40-60 for seedling, but that was for veg.

I gave her about 200ml of 6.4 tonight to. Up until this point that is the most I’ve watered her.

Also, just wanted to drop an update on the tent setup. Got the humidifier all cleaned up and installed in the tent and at first I over compensated a bit.

I adjusted the exhaust fan and got it down to 65% though, hoping it holds though.
Do you guys run inkbird controllers? They something I should be looking into getting?

@GreenSnek @Covertgrower @LoCoRock @Mark0427 I’m sorry if I tagged someone that I shouldn’t of or missed someone that I should of tagged.

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A few more pictures of the spots on the leaves and the tips of the new leaves.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance folks.

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You’re using ffof right @BuckHuntersorry i had a bad night of migraine so had to cut out super early yesterday lol.

No problem at all bud. Hope you’re feeling better today.

I am using ffhf soil. Couldn’t find ffof anywhere.