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I agree bloom nutes I’m saying week 4 of flower just for clarification.
It’s a Geuss only you should know lol


6 weeks old today.

Water day will be tonight. Going to hit it with her first round of FF Trio.

@Nicky are you saying start with the 4th week of flower on the schedule, so start with week 8?
Sorry bud, I’m confused with your comment.

If you know your at 6 weeks then start with 6 weeks lol!

Water night update.

I added the first round of nutrients to her tonight. I started them at week 5 on the schedule, but only 1/4 strength. I still like the build up to max strength idea at least for now.
One thing I noticed I didn’t have to ph my water at all. Normally I need to add 20-25 drops of ph down to get to 6.8. I thought that was interesting.

1 gal untreated well water
5ml calmag
1/4 strength fox farms trio week 5
Ppm: 1810

Ph: 6.5
Ppm: 1870

I guess I’ll see how it looks tomorrow night when I get out of my deer stand, but here’s how she looked right away post water.


Man your 700s scale is forever going to throw me off lol…

What was the well water before nutrients added tds wise?

Also… Raise that fan way to close. Raise it and point it down at the plant

Last time I checked ppm of my water was on 11/2 and it was 660. I have not tried testing plain water since though.
I keep forgetting about the fan. I’ll move it up tonight.
Here’s a picture from this morning.


Every time you feed or water you should be doing it enough you get 20% run off, tds that run off.
Otherwise your salting up your plant, this will cause PH issues, also ideally test it until you get an idea of how to read a plant.

She looks great, remember any damage done in flower can’t be undone so tread carefully

I’m sorry, let me correct myself. I do test the water before and after each watering it just usually had something in it (ph up/down, calmag or recharge.)
Water from the source is 660, with calmag it goes up to about 720 and with recharge it was about 800,
1/4 strength trio came in at 1810.
I’m finding that 1 gallon isn’t quite enough to get the run off of 20% that you mentioned. I’m close, but 3 waterings ago I didn’t get any run off. It was just water, we had talked, so I just let er buck. The two waterings since have both gotten close to 20% run off, maybe a little less this last watering with the trio.
I’m just going to have to mix up 2 gallons and use a 1/4 of the second gallon. Would it be worth saving the leftover premixed water until the next feeding 6-7 days away?

I do have a question about the ppm readings though.
What are the numbers supposed to do or look like?
I assume you don’t want your numbers to go up by much. Not good if you put in 1800 and get 3600 out the other end.
Are they supposed the stay the same or drop?
I put in 1810 and got out 1870. Is that good?

Can you give me those in the 500 scale or in EC and I’ll convert to the 500 scale?
Sorry m brain doesn’t work in the 700 scale nor does anyone else you’ll see on the forum so keep that in mind lol.

And ppm is nothing concrete that’s why we have general guidelines as well as feed charts.

I’ll try to remember to do that on Monday for sure. Is fox farms trying to be different or is it just because they use different salts in their formulas?

What I found on the EC/500/700 scales is they look at different things. The 500 scale looks at NaCl. And the 700 scale looks at KCl. EC is the electrical conductivity of the solution and really the only number that matters from what I read on the bluelab support page.
All their meters really only measure the EC of the solution and convert it to the other scales using a simple equation of: 700=ECx700 and the same for 500.

Going by that. EC=2.58
In the 500 scale it would be 2.58x500=1290

That’s a big I THINK! That’s just what I found on the bluelab website which are the ph and tds meters I have.

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Sounds exactly right.
I just don’t always Remeber that because most manufacturers deal with ppm on a 500 scale so it’s locked into my brain.

I made you do the leg work because it helps you learn and me Remeber :smile_cat:

That being said that’s a good feed.
I don’t know alot about recharge but I know it has bacteria and kelp in it.
Its hard for me to think about supplements because unless those supplements are recommended by the manufacturer in their feed chart it could be a toss up of the ppm/ec is to high.

I would lean more on using recharge in the veg state and leaving that ppm room to work with more bloom nutes for bigger buds.

So check out what recharge has to say but my inkling is to cut it out and focus on bloom nutes according to the feed chart.

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Not complaining at all, you were right I need to read these things to learn it.
From what I’ve read regarding recharge, they say to stop using it around week 5 of flower. I think I can use it once more, then cut it from this grow.

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Cool, see I didn’t know that. What’s recharge mixing recommentions?

I’ve read people using 1 tsp per gallon and heard the owner of the company on a podcast say he uses 1 tsp per gallon.
On the package it says 1/2 tsp every 7-10 days. I started with 1/4 tsp and worked up to the 1/2.

Got the fan moved up last night, good to go where it’s at?

And she seemed to respond good to the nutrients the other day. Maybe it’s just me, but I definitely saw some good growth this morning and the bud sites are definitely filling up.


Your doing a great job. They look really good

That’s going to be a monster auto, bro!

Thank man, I think it’s looking pretty good so far.
Yours is really starting to finish off nicely!

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Happy Monday!
6 weeks, 3 days from seed.

Today is water day.
Water going in-
1.25 gallons of water.
Ph’d to 6.8
1/2 tsp of Recharge
Ppm: 270

Water coming out-
Had a full solo cup worth of run off tonight.
Ph: 6.5
Ppm: 1070

I had 2 leaves that looked like this. One of them popped off when I touched it, this one I plucked off.
I’m thinking it was just lack of light. It was at the bottom hidden beneath the canopy.
And a few of the dried up brown leaves. I’m assuming they died off and dried up for the same reason. Lack of light.

What do you guys think?


Probably just not getting enough light at the bottom.


Looking solid, you nailed it and covert confirmed it.