Grow #1, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autos

Hello folks, I’m a first time grower and I thought I’d try growing some GSCE autos for a new hobby around the house.
I’ve been scanning the forums for a little while now and have found a lot of great info. Everyone seems really helpful and super friendly which is nice to see and I look forward to learning much more going forward.
I purchased a grow tent kit from spider farmer that is 2’x2’x5’. It came with a sf1000 light, in-line fan, carbon filter and a few 5 gallon soft pots. So that’s what I’m working with this grow.
I have Girl Scout cookies extreme from ILGM and am growing in fox farms happy frog soil.
I am only growing 1 plant at a time this go around.
I dropped it into a glass of water on 10/3 and on 10/6 I planted, not quite 72 hours later, right into the 5 gal soft pot.
10/8 it popped up with the shell still.

10/9it lost the shell while I was at work.

10/10 and this is just a few minutes after a week from the start of the germination process.

I watered the soil before I planted the seed last week and I haven’t really watered it since. I spray the inside of the cup 2-3 times a day and that’s it so far.
I have a ph meter and have been ph’ing the water to 6.5.
I do have a question about watering though. At what point do I start watering the soil? And how much?
I haven’t really given it any water besides spraying the cup for the last week. Should I give her an ounce or two?
Also, my light has been on 24/7 schedule for the past week. I was going to leave it on that schedule for the next week before going to an 18/6 schedule.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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I think my gsc are about a week ahead of you. I generally spray for about 2 weeks sometimes 3 then water to run off.

When do you start the clock on the grow? Start of germination, when you out the seed in the dirt or when the seed pops through the soil?

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I personally start it the day it pokes out the soil but it’s really just personal preference p.s. your first grow will almost always be 3+weeks longer then the advertised time frame just because you re figuring things out and not growing optimally in the perfect coco coir medium with the perfect amount of nutes. I personally do the sprays until they hit the 3rd node then I do their 1st soak then I seriously let the medium dry out ( usually 5-7 days or until they start to sag) it’ll get them on the wet dry cycle thatll train their roots as to how much depends on if you’re dry organic growing or hydroponic nute growing,organic I stick with 1/2 gallon water per plant cause you don’t want runoff (except once right at flower to clear any gunk just in case) if hydro 2/3 - 3/4 to get 10 % runoff to clear salts

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I planted my GSCE on the 5th in Coco. These pictures were taken yesterday except the last on the tray, and is 3 days old. Haven’t looked at them today yet.

very excited to see another grower with the same seed and planting dates. If Ok with you I will be watching your grow. I have a journal for mine at
Starting a couple of Girls Scout Cookies Extreme, third new grow if you care to follow

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My gsc this morning , yeah I’m a little further.


Nice 1 more node and you can start your LST

Yeah I know, gonna start probably next week I expect. But I got her plenty of company, so hoping to use my new scrog screens.

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And I should add, mine are Autos, forgot to add that

Mine too…

Thanks and I can’t wait to follow along with yours! That is going to be fun to watch and compare.

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OK…newb here. What is LST? I’m not up to speed with the weed growing acronyms yet!


Now i am looking forward to yours as well. most people don’t mess with Autos and I will be watching your LST procedures step by step.

It means Low Stress Training. Google it and you will get an eye full of stuff to read. it is only one of many ways to “train” your plants to increase the yield. Scrog, sea of green, Fimm, topping, are also other methods of accomplishing the same results. Typically done to Photoperiod plants and not to Autos, but we have some Wizards here such as @SKORPION that know how to do this to the little girls.


Yup low stress training pulling to make you’re girls nice an short and even it’s highly recommended to max yeild for autos safely so that they eventually turn into these


By pulling your girl to one side it allows the light to reach the lower bud sites that are blocked by the top canopy.

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Those are looking good. Here is how my girl looks this morning.

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You guys are the freakin’ best!!! Thank you all for the valuable info…

What’s with the spraying into the cup? Do you do that and put it over the plant to achieve a higher humidity? Is that an autoflower thing? I’ve been searching for an hour and can’t find the process of doing that.

Thanks again!

Well seedlings only requires a few tsp of water per day. The spraying keeps the humidity up without over watering. @IP54

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Thanks @SKORPION …so you spray the cup and put it over the plant?