Grouped 3-Seed Variety or Combo Seed Packs Desired


Hi all. Regarding seed purchasing, what I would really like to see offered is a VARIETY pack of seeds, not, for example, “10+10” of one kind for $69, etc. I am not asking for customized purchases by the individual. I live in MA and I am only “allowed by law” to grow 12 plants and I would prefer they were not all the same variety. Why? Maybe I won’t like the head I get from Afghan or Chronic Widow etc. OR perhaps I would like to grow different strains like I might with Heirloom tomatoes. Perhaps one type will grow better outdoors (where I grow) than another. Basically what I would like to see is a -non-customizable variety pack of say three seeds each from four or more strains. How about a 12 or 21-pack of feminized seeds in three-pack bags (with strain name of course) for those of us who like variety or are unsure of what we want? I think this would be a great marketing option. Thanks for considering!


Well they already have 3 strain variety packs, lots of options…


They offer a fruity mix pack and a high yield mix pack. Looks like 3 different strains 5 seeds each.


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I think what he is wanting is a pack of seeds with maybe one, possibly 2 of each variety in it. Lets say a 10 pack or maybe a 20 pack, with all different varieties or 2 of each variety in the pack.

Forgot to add, it would be a pain packaging the pack with one or 2 seeds of 20 needing to be in seperate identifying ziplocks. But it would be dooable I think. Its a good suggestion. Gonna tab support and see what they might think.



Go to the ILGM Seed bank website; fill out that form and that goes directly to the seedbank. We have no control over what they sell or do not sell.


@bob31 thanks for the link above there bob. I didnt know that either. But I think that @iramidi idea is a good one. I think alot of folks would like to get a batch of seed with all different kinds in there. Just one or two of each and definately ID’d. I wouldnt mind getting a batch like that myself. It would be expensive and then again, maybe not. But if it was affordable, I am sure alot of folks would enjoy experimenting with a batch like that.


I just went back and realized I forgot to comment. I think it is a great idea too!
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@bob31 yea, if we can get a good consenses on this then maybe they will try a pack like that


I like this idea @cyberblast and @iramidi. If I want multiple varieties thats $50 a pop per strain. I’d much prefer to pay $100 for more variety.


Thanks all @ron330, @SilentHippie, @bob31, @cyberblast, @Tylan. When I went to the seed site, I did not see the variety multi-packs but I do now with that link. I guess those are all packaged together versus the small ziplocks, but at least when they grow I see that one would be able to tell most of them apart (at least when they flower). Growing season is a ways off for me sadly but perhaps by March they might have the separate ziplocks with three of each if enough people request it.


They do pack them separately in their variety pack already…I just got the platinum pack 3 strains 5 seeds each…but I do like your idea also