Gronasbros Grow 3.0

Thanks def a herm got Pistils too
Thanks again got the chop is this normal for autos?

Hate it for you Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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Not normal per se, but more often seen in autos than photos. Autos seem to be easier to stress than photos. My last harvest of photos had bananas so it happens. Happened so late in the grow there were no fresh pistils to pollinate so I just let it go.

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Thanks this plant looked funky the whole time and I’m just happy that I caught it before any opened. I think im gonna clone the og photo a few times and run them til momma is ready and the definitely female auto is done



Looks nice!!

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Afghan mass xxl auto

@Spiney_norman leaf edges are turning amber is this fall coloration or a sign of a deficiency?

About two weeks in flower

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Calling this one franken-kush I topped it 8 times

She’s showing sex its a girl!!!

Fimmed two top’s possibly gonna do more later on

Sometimes as simple as too much water. How often are you watering and are you feeding? If so how much?
Similar thing happens with phosphorus deficiency during flower.

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Almost 2.5l every two days i dont feed anything but calmag i’m in living soil. so i should add phosphorus?

I think you should check how heavy the bag is before you water next time.
If its still got some weight to it try waiting another day. I suspect its overwatering.
The classic symptom of overwatering at this age of plant is edges turning brown.


Will do thank you

Looking better after five days no water

Still looking good og is growing tall
AMXXL is doing good pistils starting to brown

AMXXL (auto)

Og doing some upward things

AMXXL getting thicker and starting to brown up

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OG Kush

Lil gal is og kush clone