Gronas grows 2.5

So we decided to do a journal on here for grow number 2

Germd and solo’d today happy birthday ladies.
I ordered an ac infinity cloudray s6 oscillating fan should be here thursday ladies will go into tent shortly there after. Im drying in it right now and it still needs sanitized


Well one failed to start ones doing great and the other will probably die lol so i started a NL photo

So i thought id do a rundown on what my set up consists of.
Tent is 2x4 x60"
Light is spider farmer sf 2000
4 in duct fan for exhaust
Autos are going in 3 gal fabric pots purplecow indicanja living soil

2 of 3 violet kush autos are planted in their solos

Having a gard time germinating these autos its my first auto gro and 2 of six are looking good one gnomo one violet kush. Ive never had trouble getting them started i do paper towel in bag method till they are 1/2 inch. Are autos different for some reason?
@Spiney_norman @OGIncognito @MidwestGuy

There’s no reason for autos to be different. I’ve always planted mine directly in the dirt to germinate them, so I can’t help with the paper towel method.

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Yeah, I dont treat them any differently.
Some seeds take longer. Sometimes you get a few that just wont pop.

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Thats my backup plan which i just put into effectlol

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Nothing to add that the others haven’t mentioned :love_you_gesture:

So i now have two living VKA and one gnomo.
Waiting for NL to pop and last VKA

@Spiney_norman i had to cut placenta on this one does it look like it will live?

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It looks fine.
That happens quite often and now you know what to look for.

Three in the air :laughing:

Little update i just transplanted the gnomo to a 3 gallon fabric pot and the violet kush is a few days away

Got three of 4 transplanted waiting for NL to get a lil bigger

So the lineup is as follows biggest to smallest gnomo auto violet kush auto x2 and Northern lights photo in a 7 gallon pot. Gnomo is an absolute weed growing like crazy a node a day :flushed: @Spiney_norman @VaHillbilly @OGIncognito @Sizzzl @MidwestGuy


Looking good Grow Bro! Nice and healthy looking. Northern Lights is a great smoke :love_you_gesture:


Thanks i appreciate it. My plan is NL filling the tent when autos are done


Git it man !
Just started another photo myself

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