Gromies I need help(Auto Watering Set up)

Working ridiculous hours and too drained afterwards to water/feed the ladies. Can anyone send me a set up link or share their auto watering set ups so I can build/set up/buy my own. Plan is to try going 100% automated so I don’t have to worry about what time I get home and if they get watered. Thanks in advance

I just tagged you in a thread where I have shared my 2 setups. Feel free to reach out if can answer any questions

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Thank you very much, reading it now

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Where did you find a big catch basin/table like that?

I made it

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Very nice, very handy

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What medium are you using


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Are you gone for days or just long hrs and too tired to deal w ithow often do you water

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I just reread your intro. I would use the 1st where I mix my stuff and pour it in the elevated bucket and gravity feed the halos. I feed when lights first come on.

Haha is boils down that by the time I get home. It’s either 8 hrs of sleep or garden and get 6. I’m thinking I could get the feed set up in the AM, use a air stone and turn it on when I get home. Let it water and use wet vac to clean floor/catch pan. And i agree with the person in your thread. The army crawling/stretching to reach the back is becoming a pain lol also my lights come on at night

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Your watering prolly 1 or 2 times a week

Oh my bad, I forgot to answer that. Yes it’s usually 2 a week. Every 2-3 days. Usually a reg watering/espsom salt and 1 feed

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Currently trying to save 3 out of the 4.
Went from

To this with my work schedule

Probably going to be a waste of time being they where 3 almost 4 weeks into flowering when the big change happen

Mine are everyday and the automated is now 2x a day. I have to add to the res and constantly monitor ph as it wants to creep. I will automate the tent as well and building another room this fall so will switch to 55 gallon res and pump out of it to all rooms at same time eventually. Mixing 15 gallons a day is tiring


I’d imagine. Hoping I dont need that much for 4 plants in a 4x4.

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The soil seems like a nice way to go so don’t have to water every day but i didn’t want to have to guess T when towater and feed and we have fungus gnats. So I started in expanded clay then switched to coco. I did put a gg4 clone in a 10 gallon pot outside w ffhf and I pour milk in to see if the gnats or the plant survives.
I’ll be interested in what you decide to do. I’m always looking for a easier more reliable way.

1- 32 gal plastic trash can
1- 1/4hp sump pump
2 -air stones
1- timer
1 - air pump
1- drip emitter manifold
1 - 50ft roll of 1/4” tubing
1- bag of 1/4” plastic “T’s”
Some 3/4” pvc and fittings
Put the air stones and sump pump in the trash barrel. Connect pump to timer. Run the 1/4” tubing from the manifold to each plant and make a ring using a few of the T’s on each ring .


Are you recirculating or drain to waste?

Drain to waste

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