GrnyGrows Grow Journal

This is my thread for grow updates and other things GrnyGrows related. Welcome friends. Feel free to jump in show your grow, learn, teach and opine.

G2 - HGCC White Widow Autos – my second grow. 12 girls all planted same day, same way, same set up and each is 100% individual. Just finished 10 weeks of seeds touching ground.


Very nice grow you have there. Will follow to see this journey your on. happy growing :bat: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks. These girls were 4 weeks behind my 1st grow. What a trip. This is some kind of crazy road to travel. I’m loving it.


Looking good in there.


In addition to G2 (grow two above), I joined in on the Full Flower Eclipse Moon Seed Drop on the 15th. Full Flower Eclipse Moon -- Seed Drop - May 15 -- Join the Fun

I dropped four seeds and they’ve all popped: three Mephisto testers (Fugue State x Forum Stomper x Forum Stomper, El Chemi Kiwi and Dougle Smile) and an ILGM Gelato.


OK – we’re off and running. The four Full Flower Eclipse Moon Seed Drop babies are now in their final homes. Hope I didn’t make any stupid mistakes transferring. Now, what will 80 days be from today? Sat. Aug. 6, 2022. It’ll be a heat-wave harvest.


Finishing up wk. 11 with this girl G2 #3. Stout, but smallish. Trichs are telling a tale. What are they saying to you? How much amber do you want on your buds? I’m sort of a little less, most of the time, is more in enjoyment.

WW Auto, soil, happy.


morning grnygrows…your trichs look like what I want when I harvest…just a few ambers among the many cloudy…

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my 20 day old DoSiDos…starting veg feeding and lighting today

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Cool – I’m with you on this. 1st grow I harvested my three plants at what I thought were a little early, just right and too long. I prefer the “little early”. So, back to the harvest world I go. I’m not very good at this part – but I’m soldiering through.

How’s life? Your garden good? Health?

Question on plant above. She had some nutes about five or six days ago. Should I do the whole flush thing now and wait a few days to harvest?

Another question – is there a way to send a private message here to someone?

20 days? That’s huge. I love the in-the-bucket pics.

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no…they took that away, from what I was told it is because people were abusing it buy selling things thru it if I remember right

Ah – that figures. OK. Have you heard from @Highwayman420 at all?

no I don’t remember seeing him pop up

Sort of like @Hellraiser – he’s just disappeared.

Share your sage advice of if I need to flush this plant, wait a while to harvest. She had nutes on the 13th and then water and/or water and cal/mag since.

I wish I had good advice on that for you…when I grew in dirt I never did this …but common sense tells me if you are ready to harvest and you feel you need to flush out, go ahead and flush her and then harvest

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I gave her a good water yesterday. So, I’m gonna wait a few days and hack 'er down.

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sounds like a good plan

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G2 (Grow #2) has been wildly interesting. None of the 12 girls doing anything at the same time. I’m pleased with some of the buds on the plants. On will harvest today – surprise maturity. Some will harvest in the next two weeks. About half have three weeks or so, I think… but what does this newbie know?

These bigger buds are about 8-9 inches long x 6 in. in circumference.