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What would you do? Early on, I said I’d let a few of the plants in this grow just do their thing, so I could see the difference between “as is” and LSTed. My LSTed and defoled plants are getting much bigger buds.


Personally… I make a fair amount of edibles, and because of the LST and trimming I do, I am perpetually short on non-prime buds to use… So if I had plenty of prime smokeable buds, I’d just let it go, and make edibles with the LARF, popcorn, and trim.

Good luck!


I like your plan Newt… :v: :sunglasses:

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ah shucks…you are welcome

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Love your thinking. I’d like to get into edibles more, as I hate waste. I have the LEVO II for infusion. Now I have to find recipes. Time for Google.


No need for Google… Lots of good stuff on @Caligurl;s Concentrate Blog, @blackthumbbetty’s Cannakitchen, and personally, I love Emily Kyle’s site. Links to all three:


You’re the bomb. TY.


Ok – G2 #3 (grow 2, plant #3) was a huge surprise. WW Auto in dirt 3/7. She suddenly went from just flowering to the trichs saying OK we’re done, even though the plant was so small. She’s been drying for a week and the moisture meter (put into the bud, not the stem was 10-11%) said, “Trim and cure.” So, I did. Got an ounce, which was surprising, because she was so small. She’s now in a Grove Bag – curing like a queen.

No much here – hope what is here is really good stuff.


I think the bags are going to work…just remember they are meant to cure and not dry so be aware of that and not put too moist in like I just did and I am airing out today since the RH went up and the moisture content stayed the same…I put mine in a bit too moist, I believe in this first run at it.

G3 (Full Flower Eclipse Moon Seed Drop) babies are just having a blast. They’re growing great. The Mephisto Genetics are incredible – they’re just so healthy. The ILGM is a little behind, but not much. I’ve not yet had babies this big and happy at this point (2 weeks).

Three Mephisto above

My pretty little Gelato from ILGM


I’ll check my bud moisture today. Thanks.

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so mine are still doing what they said they would…I really like the space I have saved with these bags over the jars…and I like the fact I can turn the bags so the back is facing out of the closet…not that I think I have too much light going into the closet that might damage my stash but you never know

I’m with you. If these do what we think, we’ll be glass free. And the dark room/closet/cupboard is a lot easier with the “turn-your-back” black side. Do we have to keep our bags in a cold/cool place? How cool? In the summer the RV is always warm and the grow room is too hot.

Just checked bag RH and it’s 58%. That’s cool, right?

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yes try to keep in a room temperature area…I believe high heat will cause the terps to dry out in the bag no matter what the bag tries to do

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your grow room is perfect for all your auto varieties…one light schedule from start to finish no matter the age of the plant…

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did you stick a bud with the moisture meter to see what it read…

Do you feel I should be going 20/4 or 18/6 – will it make a lot of difference? I’m really fighting the Southern heat right now, waiting for another AC to arrive.

I have settled on 18/6.,…for my first 2 grows I was running 24/0 but I realized if you are going to run 24/0 then everything else must be spot on…well I only have so much control of my environment so 18/6 is better for my setup.

Just checked 11.2 and 11.4

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What do you mean by spot on – and how does 18/6 help? A little less light (daytime hours) would really help me with heat control.

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