Grinder Preference

Curious as to your grinder of choice. The golden gate works great but when it gets gunked up it is hard to turn. Especially for us older folks with arthritis. The plastic one on the right has become my go to because it is larger and easier to turn in the palm of my hand. Funny story related to it. My wife’s 90, at the time, mother was volunteering at a charitable retail store. She came across it and asked my wife if she would like it for the kitchen. She replied “that would be nice, I could use one”. Anyway it does work great.


Im also curious about this I never used grinders because I tried to make herb stretch as long as I could but now that I grow I’m going to have so much I won’t have to worry about losing trichomes to the processing( p.s. i love how they’re just called herb grinders on Amazon)

The golden gate grinder has a screen and kief catcher on the bottom. So you don’t loose any of that good stuff. On his thread Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff he showed a screen and tray he uses after it is ground / prepared. I went on a search for one and liked the greengoddess box shown. I grind the bud in the big green one and then put it in the box. I was amazed at the amount that drops through the screen It used to end up on the tray and then who knows how much was lost.

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Move over Rover, let Jimmy take over!! You must be old enough to know where that great song comes from. I have the golden gate grinder as well and it works well. It gets somewhat hard to turn when dirty. My bride found this puppy on Amazon and we have yet to use it, but I have a feeling it will be the one to go to.

2.5 Inch Spice Herb Grinder Hand Cranked Premium Grinder with Drawer and Brush,Aluminum Grinder Crank and Spice 4 Parts(Three Colors)



Nice photos. I have seen that one. Curious as to what you think of it after putting it through its paces. Tag if you think of it. Thanks.
A little everclear wash on the golden gate works wonders.

Have yet to try it, but will let you know for sure.

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Does an electric one exist for lazy people :smile:

I was wondering if there is the possibility of modifying @jetlag 's with a variable speed drill attachment.