Grilled Tomatoes


The garden is filling up fast !


@Seeddog thats a nice size garden buddy
Love the grill grow lol
I have about 18 tomatoe plants going we grow the roma fir homemade sauce wohoo
I also started a fee zucchini and eggplant
What are you planning on growing in yours ?


Lets start with the ones that aren’t doing well , peas, lettuce, potatoes we have to replant more of these. Waiting for the carrots to sprout up so we can identify them and remove weeds . The bell peppers , tomatoes , zucchini , yellow squash are doing ok . Mommadog has a note on the kitchen counter that says onions , purple potatoes and pumpkins .lol The Colorado potato bug has emerged and has layed orange colored eggs on the bottom of leaves of tomatoes and potatoes . Sprayed with soapy water and crushed eggs . The Weed War has begun . I’m killing them outdoors and feeding them indoors . fullsizeoutput_2cf


This year instead of watering with a sprinkler system we made some shallow trenches on each side of the rows and just drop the hose in the trench and let it flood . It takes about 20 minutes to water the whole garden and i hoe out the weeds as I water . It seems to be working well so far . Yellow squash , tomatoes and bell peppers are doing ok .


Squash harvest is good …