Grilled Tomatoes


The garden is filling up fast !


@Seeddog thats a nice size garden buddy
Love the grill grow lol
I have about 18 tomatoe plants going we grow the roma fir homemade sauce wohoo
I also started a fee zucchini and eggplant
What are you planning on growing in yours ?


Lets start with the ones that aren’t doing well , peas, lettuce, potatoes we have to replant more of these. Waiting for the carrots to sprout up so we can identify them and remove weeds . The bell peppers , tomatoes , zucchini , yellow squash are doing ok . Mommadog has a note on the kitchen counter that says onions , purple potatoes and pumpkins .lol The Colorado potato bug has emerged and has layed orange colored eggs on the bottom of leaves of tomatoes and potatoes . Sprayed with soapy water and crushed eggs . The Weed War has begun . I’m killing them outdoors and feeding them indoors . fullsizeoutput_2cf


This year instead of watering with a sprinkler system we made some shallow trenches on each side of the rows and just drop the hose in the trench and let it flood . It takes about 20 minutes to water the whole garden and i hoe out the weeds as I water . It seems to be working well so far . Yellow squash , tomatoes and bell peppers are doing ok .


Squash harvest is good …


Its been so hot latley I like to water the garden after sundown … with a beer ! I also fed the mosquitos while I was there . Everyone was thirsty .


Grilled tomatoes are doing well also .


When I read the Topic heading I thought there is someone else that grills their Tomatoes too, not what I was thinking lol. I do grill`em right along with the meat and or corn. Your idea is a little different but it sure is working man. Happy growing!


We grill them too ! lol . We had about 8 or 9 planted in the garden which would have been enough, then a friend gave us more because he had too many . We’ll make sauce and freeze some to make salsa .


I just noticed I have a really nice circulating fan in my tent .


I have seen it on several different fans and space heaters, it just popped in my stoned mind when I first joined, human brain is a funny thing, Mine has got my ass in a lot of trouble, but it has saved it more ? He He…


We finally got some much needed rain and the garden is taking off . Cherry tomatoes and peas tasted like candy . Zucchini plants are churning out fruit .


What happen to this guy ?


That’s different… found this getting Hickory nuts a couple years back


Haaaa … Double nutter !


your out in mother nature you see some wild stuff, I thought it looked just like a nut sack too. I remember about 40 years ago we had a cow who had calves joined at the head … Mother nature can be mean sometime and then you find a double nutter and laugh your ass off…


Tomatoe cages are tipping over because of the weight of the plants . Drove some stakes in to support them upright . I cloned my girlfriend , you can see her head to the right of the table , just above the tomatoes plants . What was I thinking ?


Dug up one potato plant .


@Seeddog your garden is awesome!!! Cloned your girlfriend…what were you thinking…one is a handful (but I’m an old married dude).


We’ve been together for 25 years . I got me a good one ! But she is a handful for sure ! lol:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: