Greetings to the brothers and just one

I want to ask these beautiful seeds to Saudi Arabia but I am very, very afraid because they are banned here



I’m not too sure about the legality/ consequences of ordering them in your country. But I do know that if they get seized before they get to you, ILGM will send you new ones. They have a 100% guarantee on delivery.

Thank you and your reply

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Yeah; but they might have to send the replacement seeds to his current residence: JAIL! (After 50 lashes!)


In Saudi Arabia

Use and possession for personal use of any kind of recreational drugs is often punishable by imprisonment if caught. For Saudi citizens, there would generally be more leniency. Imprisonment for personal use could go up to 1 to 6 months jail time for first time offenders. Imprisonment for drug dealing can range between 2-10 years jail time. Repeated dealing and or smuggling of high amounts of drugs usually result in harsher prison time or even execution, although recently executions are rare. Foreigners who use drugs might be deported.[1]

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I would be willing to bet he is aware of the local law :wink:

I do not understand what you’re saying

I do not understand what you’re saying …

I think he is saying that punishment can be harsher in some countries than others.

Yes that’s right . But the purpose of my question was I already shipped to Saudi Arabia and succeeded it?

American humor. ILGM will send replacement seeds if yours are confiscated - but if your seeds are confiscated in Saudi Arabia your residence for the next shipment might be jail :wink:

Hhhhhh, you are very cute, you may frighten me a lot after this, but here we are dry, temperature is 50 centigrade,

If you can get the supplies to grow, people on here are very helpful with advice.

NOTHING is MORE than losing your FREEDOM