Greetings this is my very first auto flower dark devil in the house!

They were between 18 and 24 inches when I flip the lights

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I am sorry I read back again and realize you’re doing autos like my first grow indoor give me a second to look through my notes…
My autos started throwing pistols around day 45…(indoor)
I took clones off at around Day 40
The auto flowers that I put outside through pistols on day 28.

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That’ll be good if you could take me in your journal. How did you keep your seedlings from falling over as if stem is too weak to stand up straight that’s the current issue I have with 2 of my auto seedlings?

If it were me I would remove them from the Peet cups and put them in their forever home now.If they’re a little top-heavy you just plant them a little bit deeper so there’s less stock showing. I would describe exactly how I would do it but that’s just me.I would fill the bottom of the pots up with the chosen soil…I would put the Pete cup in the pot and get the top of the plant at the level that I want it in the pot then I would gently pack soil around the Peet cup. Then I would remove the P cup by taking a pair scissors cutting down two sides and gently spread it away from the soil. Gently place it in the hole that you made in your pot and then fill your pot up another inch or so to cover up some of that stem .the stem that you bury will grow roots.That should help keeping them from falling over. If there isn’t enough roots in there yet to hold the soil together I would cut the pot like this instead of removing it I’ll shoot a picture after I post this… This is what I would do…My experience using Pete ports on autos was a bad one. If you don’t wanna do that more light will slow down the stretch on seedlings…I use more light sprouting seedlings and less light starting clones … When you’re starting clones you already have a plant you’re just growing roots so less intense light gives Them what they need without overdoing it but when it comes to seeds I use a lot of light. When you plant seeds outside in the ground they got the sun…Not soft light.


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All these plants were started at the same time the two small ones were left in the Peet cups…The bigger ones I remove the Peet cups…Maybe this photo will help you understand my concern with autos in Peet cups. I just don’t think they have the time to push roos through the Peet cup


At what day did you put your seedlings under hps or led light? Do you do it from the time they sprout or a week or two later?

I have LED lights that I can dim .So I start off with the lights raised up high and dim them down. If you’re using a propagator sometime around the third set of split leaves. What kind of light are you going to grow them under?

600W hps

Just transplanted them into a larger pot. I will need to transplant them again soon that’s if they don’t die off slowly fingers crossed.

Last year a acquaintance of mine that was growing for a living told me when I started The plants to reduce the shock of transplant get some B1 fertilizer starter… No specific brand he just said B1 So a jam down to Home Depot and found this.

My plants went from major wilting -ugly To reaching for the stars overnight… I’ve been using it at every transplant for first watering sense !
Did the soil/root mass stay intact when you remove The Peet cups?

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Barely any roots showing its taking mine an unusually long time I’m thinking maybe there stunted from shock of transplant? I don’t know but always read not to feed nutes this early.

take a look @Happilyretired

Looks pretty good to me…the picture of the bottle I showed you ,that is for transplanting which is what you just did and you can give a very light dose it’s just minerals that helps stimulate the root growth And vitamin B1 which helps prevent shock… I’m just giving you options of things that I have tried that have worked for me.
I just read your introduction again… you said …

It is currently winter where I live and temps are quite low, will this become a problem?

Is it really cold where are you are keeping these plants, is it getting below say 65°?If it is that could definitely be a problem especially on new plants.

I haven’t got hygrometer so haven’t monitored temps but hps light give off quite a bit of heat so no issues there I don’t think. I’ve read how some guys run lights 12/12 from beginning to end I’ve decided to run 18/6 on/off, any advice?

18/6 is pretty standard for veg.

One of my seedlings look sickly like it is about to die! Is there any way I can save her?

@Hellraiser I’ve had a look through your grow journal and thought you might have some advice?

See the seedling at the bottom of pic? Was once healthy now sickly must of had a rough transplant any remedies?

Can’t really see it very well but just give it time to come around and don’t do anything to make it worse like over-watering, or ignoring ph of your water. There are no quick fixes or magic elixirs, just do everything right from here on.


looks like I might need to remove this little runt it’s not growing at all

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