Greetings! First time grower here!


I am growing outdoors and have my plants in a large dog crate with nylon window screen covering to keep the bugs out, at five weeks everything was looking pretty good until I found leaf damage and these boogers munching away, thankfully only a couple were found and removed. Can anyone speculate what they are?


@maddog955 looks like some kind of cut worm. Good job on your eradication. Maybe a little spray of safe brand caterpillar killer. Good luck.


Thanks for your response, the picture I posted make these critters look bigger than they were, and they were very hard to find under the larger fan leaves, I will definitely be more vigilant and aggressive defending my plants!


@maddog955 this is what I found in three of my plants last night. Leaf roller caterpillars in my new leafs. Just 1 bug but very minor damage to all 3. Cut the bad out. Today looking good :+1:. Sprayed with that safe brand last night. Also I use neem oil on occasion. I grow outside.


@maddog955 I had a huge problem with them last season, they are cleaver little suckers. They change colors so you can’t see them, settle in your bud and munch away, I was out looking for them with a magnifying glass 5 times a day and still would pick off at least 5 to 10 every day. Some one had suggested to me to use DE, food and animal safe, there are 2 types, one is used for a pool and the other is for plants , It has to say FOOD SAFE , it’s a white powder that you shake on the plant just like powder. It did help a lot but not completely , I would inspect them a couple times a day and would always find a few, I actually found some Big Fat ones in the Buds when I harvest. I would do some reading on those little suckers. That was my experience with them, hopefully others will chime in. I’m a beginner , this is only my 2nd grow

Good Luck


Thanks for the response, I had not thought of looking with a magnifying glass , but as small as these critters are, I will definitely try that. I am still reading on this GREAT forum and sounds like there may not be a one shot one kill solution , kind of depends on the situation…I am definitely learning to be vigilant!


Got this at Wal-Mart a week ago. Found one of the same type of caterpillars as yours. Haven’t had another since.


thanks for response, is that powder ?


yes. goes on the ground around the plant. I covered like a 3 foot radius around my plant. Im just cautious like that though. Lol Hate those little buggers!