Greetings fellow cultivators


I just wanted to drop in the ole lounge to let you folks know that I thing you are awesome. Have a great day and don’t forget to check your PH.


You’re awesome too, Happy!

GO see what I did to my baby today on my journal.


No bit I’m gonna look.


This is the best website and seedbank there is. I’m glad you found it. Enjoy. Hope you have a good grow. Talk to you soon and see you around. :+1::deciduous_tree::grin:


Thank friend. Was it you who sent me NL auto cure photos?


You know I’m not sure? Haha sorry must be my medicated mind I can’t remember.


I know I might be late, but welcome to the forum! @Happy_Pappy happy growing! I’ll check my PH later today!


We a glad you found us @Happy_Pappy
We wouldn’t be the great community we are if not for all of you WONDERFUL FOLKS
Happy growing all :v::wink: CB :cowboy_hat_face: