Greetings fellow cultivators

I just wanted to drop in the ole lounge to let you folks know that I thing you are awesome. Have a great day and don’t forget to check your PH.


You’re awesome too, Happy!

GO see what I did to my baby today on my journal.

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No bit I’m gonna look.

This is the best website and seedbank there is. I’m glad you found it. Enjoy. Hope you have a good grow. Talk to you soon and see you around. :+1::deciduous_tree::grin:

Thank friend. Was it you who sent me NL auto cure photos?

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You know I’m not sure? Haha sorry must be my medicated mind I can’t remember.

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I know I might be late, but welcome to the forum! @Happy_Pappy happy growing! I’ll check my PH later today!

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We a glad you found us @Happy_Pappy
We wouldn’t be the great community we are if not for all of you WONDERFUL FOLKS
Happy growing all :v::wink: CB :cowboy_hat_face: