GreenThunder's dawning days (the beginning of things)


Lookee what the postman left on my porch…

This one is for the starter closet. A pair of 260 xl were also delivered and will replace the 1000w HPS in the tent


Sweet! Congrats.


I also got my seed order!!!

All autos: Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, Northern Lights, and Jack Herer.

Now we see how long I can go before dropping one… I’m sure I can justify it if I math hard enough :sweat_smile::nerd_face::woman_farmer:


Only 65w and dang it’s bright!! Of course the pic can’t express its true brightness

The closest is 22x22x36 inches, the light hangs 13" from the top and 8" above the tallest leaves


Mystery moved into her big girl bucket and the vegging closet, leaving just this lonely surplus clone…


Mystery has wilted the same way Zkittlez did when she was moved into the qb closet :pensive:

I gave her a top feeding last night and again this morning. I am hopeful she’ll bounce back.

Could it be the shock of going from t5 to QB? Or maybe it’s just because of the roots not reaching the water… would it be better to start out with a higher water level until the roots are longer?


Turns out she was not in shock from the qb but was very thirsty!! I’m going to have to remember to start with a higher water level while the roots grow


I dropped 2 autos today!! Blueberry and Amnesia Haze (ILGM genetics)

Right after I did that, I was offered two plants and can’t resist accepting

They are Pineapple Chunk and Triple Cheese. Going to get a bit tight but I’ll manage


My seeds have popped open! At this point I would normally put them in paper towels but I have none. Is it too soon to put them in rockwool cubes?


Don’t know a thing about rockwool but as soon as I see them crack I put the cracked side down in my soil ASAP. That’s just me though


Absolutely, put it in your rockwool, rapid rooters, soil pods, etc. That paper towel is just a middleman.


Thank you both! I remembered something about them getting waterlogged if left too long after cracking. I just wasn’t sure what to do if not using paper towel, though I’ve seen many others say they don’t do that step.

They are tucked into cubes with the corners cut off to fit into a 2" net pots.


These two seedlings still have not broken ground :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe let the rockwool dry a bit?


It’s worth a try… I’m not super worried about it because my spaces are full. But I hate wasting seeds.


They’re not cheap, are they?


No, not cheap at all. And I only buy 3-5 so don’t have many chances per strain. I do have lots of bag seeds, mostly unknown strains including a few set aside as ‘special’ :blush: But who wants to grow unknown when there are so many known options :thinking::wink:


You called it! I figured 8 days was long enough so I peeked under the hole cap… sure enough, they are drowned :sweat:
Another set has been dropped but we’ll put them in coco this time. Not giving up on hydro, that will be in the tent. I just ordered these ‘gro bucket’ inserts, I figured it’s a good way to try the octopot method without the higher expense.

I think a 5 gallon bucket will work for autos but wonder if a 3 gallon would be good too? :thinking:


Ooooh, those are nifty! Where’d you find them?


Found them on Amazon :sunglasses: $40 got a set of 3.

And check out this cool measuring tape masking tape I found at JoAnn’s