GreenThunder's dawning days (the beginning of things)


Lookee what the postman left on my porch…

This one is for the starter closet. A pair of 260 xl were also delivered and will replace the 1000w HPS in the tent


Sweet! Congrats.


I also got my seed order!!!

All autos: Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, Northern Lights, and Jack Herer.

Now we see how long I can go before dropping one… I’m sure I can justify it if I math hard enough :sweat_smile::nerd_face::woman_farmer:


Only 65w and dang it’s bright!! Of course the pic can’t express its true brightness

The closest is 22x22x36 inches, the light hangs 13" from the top and 8" above the tallest leaves


Mystery moved into her big girl bucket and the vegging closet, leaving just this lonely surplus clone…


Mystery has wilted the same way Zkittlez did when she was moved into the qb closet :pensive:

I gave her a top feeding last night and again this morning. I am hopeful she’ll bounce back.

Could it be the shock of going from t5 to QB? Or maybe it’s just because of the roots not reaching the water… would it be better to start out with a higher water level until the roots are longer?


Turns out she was not in shock from the qb but was very thirsty!! I’m going to have to remember to start with a higher water level while the roots grow