GreenThunder dips into hydro


Guinea pig has regrown some decent roots but still not looking healthy.

The monster cropped clone has great roots but is still growing 1 fingered leaves


Did a bit of pruning and lst on the GA clone


What was removed (including her last original leaf)

After… might have been a little too aggressive with one of those branches, we’ll see


Really dark green means to much nitrogen drain some of the water and ad plain water to get the nitro lvl lower it will drop the ppm some to


On another thought the lower leaves prob won’t recover so watch new growth to make sure you are under control


I have had several stems that have had 7 & 9 leaves on them. What’s up with that? Is that normal?


I don’t know if it’s normal but it’s the second monster clone I’ve had with leaves like this. She’s starting to get more normal leaves. I suspect it has something to do with taking the clone from a mother that has begun to flower. This one was taken on day 15 after flipping to 12/12 and had pistils for a couple weeks. She’ll look completely different in 2 weeks :sunglasses:


I’ve had a plant that grew leaves with 11 fingers! That was quite exciting


Ok you got me!.. lol that’s cool!


It’s normal @GreenThunder. Some outdoor strains grown in the right conditions can produce 11-13 fingers.


How about the 1 fingered leaves? Is that normal for a monster cropped clone?


Yep. saw a you tube video where the guy had 1 finger clone. Has some thing to do with the flip from flower to veg.


Every pic I’ve seen … tells me your water level is too high… :wink:
In all your buckets and totes… :wink:
That’s why your having so many problems… you need at least a 1 inch air gap at all times… but I tend to let water levels fall as the plant gets older and I get farther into plant life… :grin:



There’s a couple inches between the netpot and water. 5 gallon bucket with 3 gallons water which has been slowly going down but pH has been stable.


10-4 … it just looked that way in every pic…
Next thing I would look at is water temp and how much oxygen is getting pumped into the water…
Every pic looks like plants might be drowning , is all I’m saying… :wink:



Water temp is 74 which I know is a bit higher than ideal. I’ve added hydroguard and clear rez. There are 2 airlines from a 6 line commercial grade air pump, one has a small airstone and the other is open.

I’m going to do a res change tonight, the pH has increased a bit to 6.0


You need to make sure that all airlines are the same length and that all air stones are the same or else the air system will not work correctly and some plants will either suffer or die… this is extremely important… air will find its quickest way out … (ie) shorter air line or smaller air stone … :wink:



74 is water temp that’s to high add some ice u want water between 65 and 68. Anything over 72 is hurting the roots and can cause pathogens to form In water and they will destroy your root system I’ve seen it first hand


The clear rez and sufficient bubbling seem to be keeping pathogens at acceptable levels, I think, because the roots and plant are growing and appear healthy.
I tried ice packs and the cooling effect is temporary so I quit doing it.


Got knocked down with the flu this week and neglected my hydro clone. When I finally had energy to check on her, the water level was quite low. I mixed up a sloppy gallon and dumped it in. She was overdue for a res change but that’s all I could muster. Yesterday she looked like this…

And by the time I gave her a proper res change she’d already bounced back!

And the roots!! I can’t get over these roots!!

The branches are quite purple

She’s 45 days… time to flip, I think


Wow, what a difference a sloppy drink of water will make. :grin: