GreenThunder dips into hydro


Hey i noticed about 15 days back u posted a pic of your ppms reading, i see that there is no check mark indicating your pen is calibrated. I have the same pen and when its not calibrated theres no check. Just thought i would let you know. Good luck and i hope they flourish for you. @GreenThunder


I hadn’t noticed (or thought about it) so thanks for pointing that out. I bet my pH meter needs it too :upside_down_face:


Hydro Tina has a root!!! And it’s long!

Let the growth spurt begin

She’s got a lot of catching up to do if she’s going to outdo Cooco Amy…


Laughing Buddha x2 moved into the tent

Will probably need toconvert to an rdwc setup to control temps in the bucket


I bet Tina catches up quickly with that root growth starting. Good luck


Roots are coming along though with a bit of gunk due to the water temp being too high.

And up top she just looks sad

I’ve added a 2nd air stone and beefed up the insulation on the bucket a bit.

And I set the bucket on a riser with a fan blowing under it

I’ve got everything I need to convert to rdwc except an arbor for my hole saw (or a new saw)

Oh… and this project has been moved into the closet with the qb light.


Lookee here…

One of my grape ape clones (in rockwool) has roots!! :sunglasses::green_heart::woman_farmer: I honestly didn’t expect it to happen :astonished:


Nice! Extra plant for experimental training or whatever. Take that any day :facepunch:


You’ll have a lot better luck with the clone in rockwool in the DWC, I think its hard on them to put plants all nekkid into the clay balls, the rockwool gives you a little bit of buffer


I use cork bored disc that I make they brake down perfectly when the ladies are done and done need it for support at base


Hay @PurpNGold74 look at this ladie she’s got your name lol

Oh ya also the flush has begun


My my my… more frosting then a little debbie honey bun on that bud :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: whats she smelling like?


A sweet grapy minty smell


@GreenThunder I tried something different with my current round of seedlings… I actually soaked the rapid rooters in water that had nutrients in it… 1ml of the GH Trio and 1ml of Calimagic and Armor Si in 5 gallons of water… came out to 200ppm.

I wanted to see what would happen… well… so far I’ve had the fastest root development on any seedlings I’ve done in rooters thus far. Normally I go a whole week before I see roots reach down into the water in my cloner, but I’ve already got roots in the water on all of my seedlings, and a couple of them are only 5 days old.

It’s too early to really know and it’s only one batch of plants so not enough data to make any real determination, but I thought I’d share. Between the rooter and the seed itself I didn’t/don’t think you need to soak them in nutes, but…who knows.

My rooters are getting long in the tooth too… I wonder what the shelf life of rapid rooters is.


Are these similar to rockwool?


You certainly didn’t mess around with that hole saw. I dropped $300 on dewalt drill about 8 years ago, never again! It still works, but has been replaced with Milwaukee as all subsequent power tools. I’m up to drill, circular saw, 1/2” impact, and cordless screwdriver.


Well it turned out I don’t have the arbor to be able to use that one with my drill so I picked this up for $6

My dad is a home builder so I’ve been taught respect for good tools. I worked for him a little in my early 20s. We were recently laughing about it, him claiming I cried daily and me reminding him if that’s true it’s because of his tendency to throw sawhorses and such in anger and frustration :smile::roll_eyes::laughing: Good times


They’re peat based, I think. I love rapid rooters! I feel lost w/o them.

I usually add a rooting solution, voodoo, and b52 to h20 then soak my rooters for a few minutes. Then, I wring them out, like a sponge I’d want to use for wiping down a counter. Damp, but not soaking…or too dry. They’ve completely changed my germination game.


It took me a bit to understand just how much to wring them out, but once i figured that part out… super easy and effective to use.


I use to love them for soil but I make my own out of 1/8 in Corkboard little discs I cut. They last long enough to get a root ball started in my netti pots then they brake down perfectly with no debris in my water