GreenThunder dips into hydro

Got knocked down with the flu this week and neglected my hydro clone. When I finally had energy to check on her, the water level was quite low. I mixed up a sloppy gallon and dumped it in. She was overdue for a res change but that’s all I could muster. Yesterday she looked like this…

And by the time I gave her a proper res change she’d already bounced back!

And the roots!! I can’t get over these roots!!

The branches are quite purple

She’s 45 days… time to flip, I think


Wow, what a difference a sloppy drink of water will make. :grin:


Res change day… wasn’t much left to “change”

I really need to start checking her mid-week. She’s not skipped a step from the neglect but I sure don’t want to push my luck.

I haven’t flipped her yet because this clone shares the closet and isn’t ready yet.

Laughing Buddha

I fimmed her tonight and kinda hope she’ll be ok to flip in a week or so.


What’s your ppm water temp and ph she looks good but she is starting a slight decline. @GreenThunder

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I wrote that down somewhere but can’t find it. I need to put a calendar up in the grow room to keep track. I have a day planner but never seem to get to it. Maybe I’ll just put that in the room.

Here she is about a week ago…

Her roots became filled with brown gunk and her res smelled like a dirty fish tank.

I cleaned them up best I could and did a flush with Florakleen but the gunk returned. So I got a new bucket and new air unit and clean hydroton. Then I removed the gunky roots and soaked her in a peroxide solution (60ml in 2 gal) and soaked over night in peroxide (90 ml in 4 gallons)

Here she is all settled in after so much abuse (medical care can be painful)

I wasn’t sure what to expect this morning but she looks at least as good as last night

And she has the company of a super hero to cheer her on…


Grape Ape clone exploded and had to be moved into the tent for flowering.

Her progress will be tracked over in my ‘tent’ journal…

GT perpetual tent

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Peroxide will turn those roots back to white. Saw someone else have that brown gunk on a hydro grow and they used a peroxide solution. Did the trick perfectly. But ask a hydro grower. I use soil.

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@Shortmaster Here’s my hydro journal :sunglasses: As you can see I’ve only been at this for a few months. My very first attempt was a learning experience only, I had to show mercy and put her down. I’ve learned most from mistakes and other issues than when things go smoothly. :roll_eyes:

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I’m learning more and more this is all a big learning curve. :sunglasses:

I just noticed something on your conductivity pen. That little check mark showing its calibrated is not present. Be careful, don’t wanna give too much/little of what she needs.

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Darnit! I always forget to check for that. How often do these things need to be calibrated? Seems like I just did that (when someone pointed out the lack of checkmark… what would I do without y’all?!)

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Np bud. I think that checkmark pops up in 30 days time.

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Calibrated! :sunglasses: Found my res to high at 6.4 so adjusted it down to 6.0. Full res change will happen later

Edit: this post is referring to the LB clone in the closet.

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Bluelab check mark comes back weekly :credit_card: about $30 for the 4 bottle bluelab calibration suite

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I finaly got z7!! Do I use it with nutes or as a flush? Anyone here know?

I read up on it and it says to use with feeding and flushing. If it works half as good as it says then we should see results soon

Did a root check when changing the res tonight… we got one!!


Two Grape Ape clones have joined LB in the closet

Laughing Buddha… looking any better yet?


My LB clone is still struggling, didn’t help that I forgot to turn the air back on after checking stats the other night. It was off nearly a full day! But the main problem, I think, is that the pH keeps swinging up.

The roots aren’t brown like they look here

I changed her res tonight but now I wonder if I should have given her a flush instead? Bong hits with Wonder Woman while I ponder this


Look at how much better this gal looks…


Looks like she exploded. Good job

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