GreenThunder closet with QB


My tent has a perpetual journal so I thought it was time the closet did too. It’s been used for vegging but this batch is going to have to flower in there.

We have a Pineapple Chunk, a Mystery, and a Zkittlez

Pineapple Chunk

Mystery, 1 of 3 free with a purchase and the only one to sprout. Clearly a sativa


They are all hydro. The PC is in a large rockwool cube which sits in a bowl. It was gifted to me like this with instructions to feed approximately every other day. A type of ebb and flow, I guess, though very simplified.
The other 2 are dwc currently in 3 or 5 gallon buckets but I may need to transfer into totes. I’m hoping to have an autopot system set up in here before the end of the year.


So, how are you liking hydro? Hard to figure out? Easy? Worth it? Thinking about trying dwc or autopots.


awesome @GreenThunder you are going all out!


I’m liking it, not really that hard but stabilizing the pH has been problematic. I’ve just picked up some totes because I hear larger water volume is supposed to help with that.
I’m close to setting an RDWC system with three 5 gallon buckets (one will be a reservoir) Circulation is also said to help keep pH balanced.
I want to add autopots because hubby wants to go back to coco. He’s not into the hydro and will feed with detailed instructions only reluctantly. And I will only agree to coco if there’s no daily feeding.

This is my plan (so far)

  • totes for dwc in an attempt to have stable pH

  • if that doesn’t work as well as I’d like then I’ll try rdwc

  • if larger res does work, I’ll do that in the closet; if not then rdwc will be in the tent (because there’s a large drip tray)

I would encourage anyone to try hydro. It’s literally as easy as putting an air stone attached to an air pump in a 5 gallon bucket. :sunglasses:


Unplanned… got maxed out with the addition of 2 gifted plants. Simply could not pass them up.


Just made the decision to give one of the GA clones away. Hubby’s uncle is struggling a bit and I think having one ready to flower will give him a boost of morale. His lighting was pathetic (and that’s being nice) so we gave him the hps setup. He’ll compensate with samples from his first 4 plants :sunglasses: Good trade :+1:


but…what about pH? u said thats tough to balance. how did u get around it?


Yeah well I’m still working on that :no_mouth: Even so, I have harvested one grown with dwc and fluctuating pH and got 940g (weight at harvest; dry estimate is 6 oz)
So even without perfect pH there can be success… or am I just unusually lucky? :thinking: :wink: I guess maybe I should say ‘don’t be afraid to try it’ :blush: I haven’t found it to be more difficult than coco (I haven’t done soil so can’t compare that)


have you heard of the perfect ph products? they have ph buffers that supposedly maintained ph effortlessly…


I gotta stop reading about hydro because it really interests me.


But, pH seems so much easier to correct than in soil or promix. Add up/down or change it out, right? Same with nutes & such? If deficiencies or excesses occur, they happen fast, but can be fixed just as fast?


I really want to try hydro. Are there higher yields??


Sorry, @GreenThunder, your fault for trying hydro with success.

Learn us somethin’, please.


I’m still in the learning stages myself. I could and maybe should adjust pH daily. I think full reservoir change weekly is what’s generally recommended. I try but don’t always achieve this. Between res changes, pH and ppm can be adjusted by adding to the res (sometimes it’s necessary to take some out before adding)
More than once the res has been nearly dry when I checked mid week. They seem incredibly resilient and while problems do show up quickly they are also resolved very quickly. I had one that looked like it should be tossed only to bounce back with great force. I’ve also tossed one that just couldn’t pull it together.

Does any of that help at all? :thinking::sweat_smile:


nope, even more interested


i understand veg is much fast with hydro, more veg = bigger yield


I thought I had this but maybe not the right product. I’m using Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom (each has a part a and b)

@Familyman I’m not sure about the bigger yields. I have heard that hydro grows just a bit faster. My main interest was to get away from the daily feeding/watering that coco needs. And I don’t really want to use soil, however my mom keeps making comments about how much more tasty the buds grown in soil are. I could possibly be persuaded to try it, eventually.


i want your life


Sounds terrible lol. My mom probably doesn’t even know what a bud is.


u know how awesome it would be to hear my mom utter those words?