GreenThunder 4x4 tent-QB


I’m going to run this as a perpetual journal.

Up first: closet with 260w xl qb. Grape Ape clone, Taystee, was cut 36 days ago; the mother had been under the 12/12 light schedule for 15 days. It took a couple weeks before the pistils stopped growing. She’s in a 5 gallon bucket with 3 gallons water and fed with AN Sensi Grow A and B plus power si and cal mag. I also add hydroguard and clear rez because my water temp is higher than ideal.

The tent has 3 occupants, each one vegged in the qb closet before being moved to the tent for flowering. They are all in coco (and will be my last in this medium, for now) and fed GH Flora Trio using the Lucas formula.

Psycho clone, Agnes, was cut 102 days ago and flipped 51 days ago.

Grape Ape sprouted 84 days ago and flipped 51 days ago

Laughing Buddha, Amy, sprouted 66 days ago and flipped 19 days ago. I gave several clippings to a friend recently and he’ll give a rooted clone back in a few days.

I’ve been here nearly a year and have learned enough to have nearly earned a degree :nerd_face: Thank you ALL for your help, guidance, advice, and friendship.

Edit Sept 23 2018: I’m splitting this journal and will track the closet elsewhere

What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?

Hey! Really nice GT! I’ll follow all of your grows lol.


I feel like I’m scattered here and there and am having a hard time keeping track. I really thought I’d already started journals for these so I’m a bit behind


Switched to watching, go get em!


Set to watching! This dwc thing seems cool!


Grape Ape is on trich watch. Still at least a week - 10 days or more but I like to get an early look. I can see the change better when I’ve seen it before the change


Gorgeous GT!


I agree, very nice!


Looks beautiful, Congrats. GT


Lightening storm pics during lights out this morning…


Grape Ape got chopped down tonight. The cola weighed in at 49g; I’ll post full weight tomorrow (we’re still trimming and weighing)


Here’s what’s left in the tent…

Psycho clone, 10 days - 2 weeks left, I think

Laughing Buddha, 35 days since flip

This girl wants to be TALLL!! It’s been a challenge to keep her from reaching the light. Scrog is a must for this one!! I’ve tied her this way and that, even super cropped a branch more than 90° and the end just popped back up! I think (hope) the stretch is over and she’ll be content to plump up :sunglasses:


Sweet, congrats on the harvest and beautiful cola!


Right on bro. Congratulations!


With one down and the shiatsu kush seedling having died, it is time to drop a couple beans. Up next are Zkittles and a mystery seed. The mystery is #2 of 3 received free with my order (nukeheads) The first mystery attempt sprouted and died, along with the first shiatsu seed.


Zkittles has finally made her appearance!!

Mystery seed has not popped…

I have one more mystery seed from Nukeheads and need to decide whether to drop it or a known strain :thinking:


DROOOOOP ITTTTTTT! & said mystery strain. :joy::rofl::joy:


The third mystery seed was dropped and popped!! Gave her a day in the paper towel then put her into a rockwool cube this morning. No pics because was rushing to get ready for work. I’m just thrilled she popped!! Fingers crossed for a future guessing game :upside_down_face::sunglasses::woman_farmer::seedling:


Scratch n sniff at its finest! I cant wait for testing to get advanced enough to tell strains genetics


Mystery seed broke ground!! She left her pod behind and tossed the hole cover aside