GreenThunder 4x4 tent-QB


I think it’s a good light. I’ve had one in a 2x4 closet for about 6 months.
I had 1000w HPS in my 4x4 tent and the temps were usually too high. There was also an intake fan for cooling and a ballast that was adjustable (600, 750, 1000)
The LED lights are adjustable (135-285) and two are enough to flower in my 4x4 tent (one would veg in that space but I have a separate space for that)

These are numbers on the v2. I got the v1 but didn’t copy the numbers and now it doesn’t seem to be available.


Tanks four conversation, i reealy look four friends to grow monsters :joy::rofl:
Love and Light


Helloo my friend, Green Thunder, so du You rekomend me to buy this lamp???
Becouse i Will buy one soon, and I whos think ING about a lamp like proffs.
If I anderstand you write, do You have this lamp??
Do You see The diffrent all over The grow period??
Love and Light from sweden


If you’re wanting LED, then yes, I do recommend this light. There are several different options, including a single unit that would also work in my tent. I opted for two for more flexibility. I can’t link the site here but if you Google hlg it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Edit: I forgot to tag @dbrn32 :sunglasses: he can tell you more than you need to know about lights :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit 2: I have only just started to use it for flowering so I can’t say how it does with that. I really do think it’s been good for vegging, but the only comparison I have is 600 watt HPS


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What size space are you looking for an led light for?


The space is 3.5m and 2 m and 2.40. And I Will fix a new room to put a tent also… In The same slice.


That’s a pretty big space! Hlg doesn’t really make a light designed to compete with 600 watt hps. You’d have to go to timber or maybe rapid led for that. Their hlg-550 is designed to provide similar light output of a 1000 watt hps fixture though. They recommend that light for a 4x4 tent. Growerslights offers diy kit version of it too.


My most neglected journal :no_mouth:

The tent is at capacity with four beauties. We have 2 Grape Ape clones, 1 Laughing Buddha clone, and 1 Triple Cheese.

The LB clone got a major pruning last night.




I canceled my order for the autopot system because I didn’t have the extra $70 for shipping. I have been budgeting and am close to ready to order but now I’m looking at (and liking) the octopot system. Do you use it?
Does anyone else here use it?


Can I ask why that over just a regular RDWC setup? You could build a setup for hydro for the price of just a couple of those? I haven’t seen anyone here using the octopot but I’ve seen some YouTube videos on them.


Mostly I’m attracted to the lack of connecting units and running air pumps, as well as not having to change the reservoir.


I see. I liked the water level float thing on them. Other that I don’t have much input lol.


A question for anyone who’s used or is using the octopot… can they be used with coco or is it best to use soil?


Researched a bit more and found sunshine mix 3 (?) is recommended. Before I decide whether to get the octopot, I found and ordered these ‘gro bucket’ inserts that do basically the same thing. I think these will work for autos in my closet.

In the tent, we have Wonder Woman watching over things.

And it’s been decided, GA clone-clone2 will be given to hubby’s uncle. He’s struggling to get things going in his tent and I thought a flowering plant would give his confidence a boost. Anyone ever relocate a flowering plant, in hydro? Any advice, whether you have done it or not?

She was really open in the middle so I pulled some branches inward (don’t think I’ve ever had to do that)


Two of the girls in the tent don’t look great, though pistils and trichomes are plentiful.

Here’s Laughing Buddha clone, I’d already removed a lot of yellow. She’s got about 4 more weeks to go

My favorite is Pineapple Chunk (don’t tell the others)

Triple Cheese is looking good

Grape Ape

This is my 3rd post so I won’t be able to post again until someone comments :unamused:


Look nice bro!! :+1:


Looks great! Nice buds! You should see how terrible my Jamaican Berry’s leaves look. Only a couple weeks left.


That Laughing Buddha and Grape Ape look outstanding :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: I wanna scratch n sniff app soooo bad. Lol. All look healthy happy n green (well mostly green for the last one :joy::joy:)


They do smell very very good! The LB must have diesel is her lineage and I’m amazed at the actual grape scent from the Ape! These are in my top 10 favorites, maybe even top 5


Grape Ape has been harvested. I’m estimating it’ll be about 3.5oz when dried. It was a week or two early but needed due to empty jars.

Now there are 3 in the tent; Laughing Buddha will come down this weekend

The other two (Triple Cheese and Pineapple Chunk) have 3-4 weeks to go.