GreenThunder 4x4 tent-QB


Both seedlings have roots!!

I’m on a mission to create/build a mini hydro station for the seedling/cloning closet. I have a container and a pump… need to make some kind of cover and get small net pots.


It’s crude but I did it! I made a rooting unit :seedling::sunglasses:

About half way through I realized 2" pots are probably too small. I need to pick up a power strip (to replace the one I relocated) before I can get it going. Always something.

I have a dual port air pump but one side isn’t working… ugh. I’m sure one port will be plenty but it’s it ok to run like that?


I still need to replace the air pump but it was time to put this thing to work…


Back to the tent for a minute…

Grape Ape clone is going crazy!! She was moved into the tent for flowering 9 days ago. I let her veg too long because of procrastination and then being sick so I’ve had to do a lot of defoliation. She’s going through a half gallon a day!

Laughing Buddha was flipped 60 days ago and takes 10-12 weeks so I’ve set a reminder to check her trichs in a couple weeks (can’t remember a thing on my own so I tell my phone to remind me… and it does!!)

Her buds are so heavy I’ve had to tie some of them to the ceiling! For the first several weeks I had to tie her branches down because they were getting so tall.

A couple of super hero girls have settled in to offer encouragement :sunglasses:

GreenThunder dips into hydro

Watching! Great looking girls!


Lights out shots from above

Psycho clone (hydro)

Laughing Buddha (coco)


Out of likes but looks great! Here’s my new journal. Here I grow again on my own! SS fem #2


Gonna be a lot of nice colas there!


That laughing buddha looks like a champ! Those buds are beautiful. Excellent grow u got rolling


Awe thanks! This is the first time I’ve had to support buds from the ceiling :sunglasses:

One branch was bent/broken so I cut it off and trimmed it up

This is one of the colas


Absolutely effing insane!!! Awesome work man. I wanna smell that tent!!


I’ll need to change the name of this journal soon… I ordered 2 260w xl qb to replace the HPS


Very nice!


@dbrn32 is leading a freaking revolution! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Vive le QBs!


UGH!! I ordered 260 XL and the heat sinks are not xl :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I sent an email and I’m sure they’ll exchange the short ones for the xl but I really wanted to put them up tonight


Yup, definitely not what you wanted there.


I’m sure they’ll make it right I’m just bummed to have to wait. Of course growing is all about waiting so I’m not unfamiliar, that doesn’t mean I like it :wink:
The led panels are the same as the xl, I think…


I called, twice, because I didn’t get a reply to my email nor a follow up on the first call. The guy said the replacements were sent and that they’d email the tracking number.

In happier news, it’s harvest day for Laughing Buddha!! Taking a break at a little more than half done. Main cola is 135g and the total so far is 570!!


Congrats on the excellent harvest.