GreenThunder 4x4 tent-QB


I better search out my free pack of these goodies if they are being used a little. Interested in searching and trying for top results.


Greanleaf nutrients megacrop. I believe its a 300 gram sample bag.


Cheers brother. Will experiment with Lucas idea while waiting. Am I able to jump into that lab area to research?


Are you a coco or hydro operator?


@GreenThunder. Do you have any more journals that I could read please. You have some unreal results there. You have a lucky bloke standing beside you.


Yes! Hahaha!

I’m running my first hydro run of 3 plants now: RDWC with a Black D.O.G., Crystal, and Purple Haze, all photos. Here’s my journal:


Good stuff. Too good.


How do I get hold of these nutes please.



Looking like us Aussies r unable to get that one. Unfortunately.


I have a journal for my closet. This is where I veg mostly but I’ve currently got an auto flowering in there. Everything else has been moved to the tent.

GT veg closet with QB

And here’s where everything starts out, before being moved to the veg closet. This is a small closet in my master bathroom with an 85w QB

GT germinating journal

These three are my active (and perpetual) journals. If you click my screen name (or anyone’s) it’ll take you to the profile… you can see all the journals posted there :sunglasses:
Thank you for your praise. I’ve learned everything I know here, and on another similar forum, from kind folks with a common interest who freely share their knowledge and experience. When I started (about 18 months ago) I knew nothing about pH, nutrients, or the importance of good lighting. Stick around, don’t hesitate to ask questions and grow grow grow!! :v::green_heart:


And you grow dank shi% GT!


No sense growing bunk weed :sweat_smile:

I’m still amazed at how helpful folks are here and I hope I’m able to help others and pay-it-forward :blush: I think you were among the first to offer advice and info


Very much appreciated GT!!! Looking forward to learning. I’ve noticed how easily info comes on this site too. Very much respected when you see some of the results around the place. THANKU.


Actually I think we were just egging each other on haha!


Life is just more fun when it’s fun :slight_smile: but it’s true I’ve learned from you


Well decided to pull it out… I couldn’t be 100% sure she wasn’t growing pollen packs. I feel like all the balls I found were opening with pistils, but I don’t want to risk finding out I was wrong and having to shut down my entire room for sterilization. As much as I hate tossing another one (my 2nd this winter) I know I’d hate it more if pollen suddenly appeared :no_mouth:

Here s/he is, exiled to the bathroom awaiting the chopping shears


Sorry gt, it’s a nice looking plant too



Arr that sucks!