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I am in! Next run I’ll post some pics of the seeds I’m dropping and give my best descriptions, roll nicely “thump thump” etc and let’s see how they turn out!


Good morning and happy Friday :v:,

I tried to take a peek and zoom as much as I could on the blue dream regular seeds that these two turned into. All I can say is they look very round, can’t see a depression or anything like that. Both are showing tiny tiny white hairs so I am hoping these are good signs to come. Will post them when they get a bit clearer.

Here’s the before weekend updates at the GreenHouse :v:

Flower girls are status quo, and drying process on the one is going well. I have nothing but nice things to say on the Wedryer XL, as long as you rotate them often I am not seeing the flat spots that was the major complaint.

The lemon gelato sour apple has been troublesome from the start, she likes to droop and never look happy. So small and she’s starting to flower, auto doing auto things. Hope everyone is doing well and gets a nice jump to the weekend, happy growing!


Forgot above here’s a drying bud, a little fluffier than I would love but for the first run I am more than happy :v:


Yes i seen it. I believe @Graysin actually did a test 2 c if it was true he marked the seed that was suppose 2 be a female and let it grow. He got it tested by farmenfreeman. I dont believe it was accurate if i aint mistaken


It wasn’t accurate. The sex testing is worth the $10 and skipping the wait.


Damn im surprised of my own memories lmao


Happy Saturday! :v:

These girls are really fattening up, I am really leaning towards something was wrong with the one that finished way too quick. Hopeful that with more experience I can get a better feel. A pheno and gene thing I guess :man_shrugging:t2:?

Here’s the flower girls buds are much denser! Loving it :heart_eyes: :v:


Getting super fattttt and looking sweet :yum:

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Thank you meeasy :v:.

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Happy Sunday morning, I hope you all have had a nice weekend thus far. :v:

Anything looking out of sorts I am open to all suggestions.

The vegging blue dreams got a bit of a haircut today

Bubba kush auto continues to make me proud, I hope you all agree:

My sad sad lemon gelato sour apple, but we’ll take it:

Mephisto mango smile beginning to look less mutant like:

Northern lights and white widow flower gals:

Drying northern lights:

Have a happy Sunday all! :v:


Looking amazing man. Lmk if u learn the trick of these girls. My last harvest got chop before 60days im still shock though


Thank you @SilvaBack203, things seem to be moving g in the right direction. I don’t know if I’ll ever learn the trick :joy:

Right they really do what they want some times. I feel like ima have 2 giros before the baby cakes and godfather o.f ate done

I agree minds of their own that we do our best to control. Planning here was off a bit wish they were done so I could flip the blue dreams. Every trim and lst looks like it never happened over the next few days.

Did your blue dreams show their sex yet? I didn’t see it on the journal but you get a lot of action. Keeping up is tough haha.

My blue dream feminized she was flip on the 21st.

The lilic cookies are 6 weeks and no sec yet but 2 are kinda on the way


You’re killin it brother! Everything looks incredible! :beers::ok_hand:


Thank you @The_Chef

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More good bud otw then haha, you all are doing great!

Haha lol found sex of 1. 2 other r trying tonshow but r not defined

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I was just catching up, I see she got evicted :v: