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Going to start of with a huge thank you! I apologize if I missed any that helped previously just learned there’s a limit on tags.

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Still have 3 pretty girls on 12/12 and figured a journal is appropriate as we work to get this second tent back to full. As always all comments, criticism and feedback are MUCH appreciated as a lot of this is thanks to ILGM and all of YOU. Quick update on grow 1 back left and front are northern lights, white widow back right.

Strain- 2 Bubba Kush Autos ILGM, 2 Blue dream photo regulars PremiumSeedMarket, 1 lemon gelato x sour apple auto humboldt

Germination: 5/10/22- old school moist paper towel. Paper towel on top in sealed container, stored in a warm dark spot. Checking every 24 hours.

5/13 and we got 4/5 tails!- and I forgot to take the pic :man_facepalming:

5/15 moved to soil- following recommendations tail up to avoid helmet head? If I read that correctly somewhere on the forum.

Skipped solos on first grow the idea of transplanting 3x was frightening. solo cup FF HF, w holes for drainage.

Under HLG 65 V2- 18/6, humidifier @80, hovering around 74-77%, one oscillating fan for now, will add more clip fans as they grow

Cooking up soil (shooting for 2 week cook time)

Medium- 5G fabric pots 50/50 FF HF & OF- not sure if this ideal medium for my mix?? but it’s what was on hand, mixed in perlite, amended with the greensunshine company: earth dust base (thank you MeEasy). 4tbsp per gallon of medium. Pots will cook while babies grow in solo’s.

That light (vs1000) not on but will be used with HLG for veg.

5/16- 3/5 sprouts (both blue dreams, 1 bubba kush auto)


Wow! You got a great new run and set up going. Well done Growmie :love_you_gesture:


Girls are looking nice and the next round will be ready 2 pop by end of week

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That soil mix with a shot of earth dust should do well. Plenty of “juice”.
Hanging out.


If that is new soil it’s going to be super hot especially with ff OF mixed in it’s recommended to use 2tbs base when using soil that is already amended with nutrients. If so I would would remix with 100% more soil… I did the same thing and I think only 3 of 9 plants made it but slow until I remixed the soil 50/50 with new soil without any more dust


You all are motivation! I really appreciate the help! I will update as much as possible and please if you see I’m screwing something up call it out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I had a good feeling it would be too hot, thank you Earth Dust Guru. Back to the mixing board. Is it safe to dump the 5gs back into a big tub add more regular soil and back into 5g?

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I had to say something before you planted them. The bags don’t mention the difference for mixing with new soil but it’s on the site. Like I said I did the exact same thing lost 60-80 bucks in seeds :sob:

Here’s the site info (at the end right before it talks about coco) and my mix directions if you want to save em in your notes…

Copy paste from my notes :point_down: this is my way not the only/right way
Soil mixture

I take a full pot of soil new or used dump it into a large container, wheelbarrow, on a tarp, etc. break up the roots and or clumps lightly mix in the perlite and new soil (or compost etc.) then scoop in the earth dust base mix really good and put it back into the pot I then water in a half gallon of water, next day I put on another quart of water (if you get runoff don’t water the next day) and again the next day this time water to the smallest amount of runoff you can, any runoff can be poured back into the pot the next day or another pot it’s pretty much a nutrient tea

Now I cook it for a minimum of two weeks during this time and throughout the grow it’s important to keep your soil moist. The best way I’ve heard it described is think of it as a scale from 1-10 one being dry 10 is soup the soil needs to stay between 4 and 7 throughout the entire grow. Also remember that it’s important to not disturb your soil once it has started, obviously you have to plant a plant in it but just be gentle with it when moving the pots around disturbing it causes a disruption in food production. If you remix the soil for any reason you should restart the 2 week time for cooking. Even when you are top dressing later on for flower you only want to lightly rake it into the top 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of your soil. After top dressing I will water twice a day for 3-4 days just a very small amount (2 cups ± ) unless the pot is light and needs more than that, this allows the water activated microbes to come alive and migrate down into the roots.

This :point_down: is my recipe for photos I would subtract 5 tbs of base from these for my autos because they don’t veg as long.

7 gallon pots
New soil 4 cups of perlite… 14 tablespoons earth dust base…
Used soil 6 cups of perlite… 2 cups of new soil… 30 tbs dust base

5 g pots
New soil 2 cups perlite… 10tbs dust base
Used soil 4 cups perlite… 2 cups new soil… 22tbs dust base


Oh yeah, when you top dress boost for flower you use it as directed on the bag except with autos you only feed autos boost once 30-35 days from breaking ground

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You are the best! I did read on their site that OF wasn’t recommended so I certainly was prepared for the bad news and I appreciate it. I was hoping you would weigh-in this quickly before it was too far gone lol, and provide an option for still using the OF so I didn’t waste the soil.

Thank you thank you.


Yes sir I don’t think you’ll have a problem using the mix you have if you just mix in the same amount of soil… so 50% of your mix with 50% new soil with no Earth Dust base

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Got ya, thank you. Last one, should I try and allow it to cook more towards the 3-4weeks since I’ll be making this addition today?

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I would try to cook two weeks or more from today it’s still going to be hot but since you are using solos the plants will be a little more mature and able to handle it. I wouldn’t put seeds directly into this mix


Roger that!

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@GoingGreen thanks for the tag, your lab seems all set up for an awesome run!! Can’t wait to see what you pull outta there!!


I am a FF grower only. A 50/50 of FFOF and FFHF will be just fine with nothing else but nutrients and water. With 4 years of exclusive use of FF products only. The following is my take…

The best rule is to kept the FFOF on the bottom. As HF is a little more friendlier to seedlings. Then you can go on average around 4 to 6 weeks before needing nutrients. Of course this is dependent on the plant size.

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Thank you @MrPeat

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Awesome start. Ready to watch :eyes:

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Thank you @Graysin you share a great deal of knowledge on here as well as the others. So some of this stuff might sound familiar lol

The fun part about this is it never gets old or boring. People encounter the same problems in different growing environments so something can be identical (a pH tanking, for example) and the treatment is usually the same, but the way it manifests for your plants or the trigger can be totally unique to your situation. The best thing we can do is never stop being willing to learn, because the plants never change but the products we use definitely do, and so does the growing environment. :v::100: I aim to see it all so I can help point people in the right direction to investigate the cause and the solution, because despite our strong tendencies to lean on old habits, it doesn’t always work to give answers instead of ask questions.