Greenlantern predicts one week until harvest


@astrocreep check this out and see if you agree. I’m thinking harvest Thursday. I need to make room for my other plants: they are crushing each other due to lack of space. Worst case it will be energy bud.


As long as its all milky you can harvest brother no worries
Amount of amber is up to you
Clear is not ready but you look all milky so :+1:


Thanks Country. This is my first harvest so the anticipation is killing me. I’m going to wait until I get some more signs of amber.

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10-4 i hear you on anticipation lol we have all been there my friend
I perfer mine around 20% amber but i like more of a head high i will allow some of my plants to get darker tho for a good night time smoke @Greenlantern
Thats the beautiful thing about growing your own you can manipulate your harvest to suit your taste
Where as buyin from a dispensary or street dealer it a crap shoot
Keep me posted @Greenlantern

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