Greenhouse temps

Hi all. This is my first attempt at growing. We are getting ready to put my plants outside but the weather is still a little cool at night. I’m in Western New York. I am going to be using a greenhouse but I started monitoring the temps yesterday and they were crazy. The high was 117 and low was 45. Could someone please tell me if there’s a way I can control the temps. Thanks

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Welcome to the community.
I had a makeshift green box. Only housed like 3 auto’s. But with the same problems. Ended up needing to vent it during the day. Open it up and put a fan in there if it’s an extra hot day. For night temps I’m thinking as long as it’s not freezing your ok. But if you worried about night temps I’ve seen videos of people using a bucket of water with a fishtank heater in it to keep the temps in their small greenhouse up at night. 50s i think.
Happy growing bud.

Hello- Long Island NY here greeenhouse also. I am having similar issues with herbs and veggies. Mine came with two window vents and doors that I can prop open. Even with that I hit 112 yesterday, I am looking at solar powered exhaust fans…. Very expensive, exploring alternative options so I can possibly throw a plant or two in there too. For today it’s cloudy and I put an oscillating tower fan in there to at least move around the air :man_shrugging:t2: And temps is hovering around 80. Hopefully somebody with a little more experience can chime in.

Thanks I opened up the door and a few vents to see what difference it makes. I will put a fan out too if necessary. Thanks for the feedback!

I have the door and vents open and will get a tower fan too. Thanks

Good luck to you, if I get anything going here that’s making dramatic impact I will certainly share.

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Another thing i do for my plants in the scorching time of day is put a cover over it. A bug net cover kinda does a good job. I found a white/ transparent 30ft by 10 ft roll of it online for like 24 bucks. I used that for a few of my outdoor grows. You could probably get somthing like this or similar to drape over the whole greenhouse on those hot days. I’m in central california and only used the greenhouse for a winter grow. But it still got hot during the day and really cold if not freezing at night. Good luck with your project :+1:


Thanks I will order one. It’s worth a try!

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