Greenhouse protection from wind

My grow site faces strong wind from all directions. It is my nemesis and that is where I need help. I have a modest but well made greenhouse. I am concerned that it might blow over regardless. I thought last night about a roll cage for jeeps and how I could have some protection from wind. Something that could deflect the strength of some wind. I don’t know. Surely someone knows what I mean. I appreciate it.

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Longterm… bushes, and small trees…
short term anything…

I use heavy bricks to hold the sides down. Mine with stood some pretty harsh winds last season. But it remained in tact. Good luck



Either use an auger or dig a hole at all for corners at least 2-3feet deep but a couple 4x4 post and set them in the holes. Then mix and pour concrete into not hole surrounding post let dry then fill hole with dirt and then permanently attach greenhouse corner post to 4x4 post in ground :slight_smile: I think that would


Would probably cost ya 40 bucks overall but would withstand anything

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Build it. And build it strong!

Heres the general idea. Note the end walls do not have the door in em… wastes valuable space. Cover in woven opague greenhouse poly available at Northern Greenhouse supply. At least you can see whats available there and find it locally.


Quick and cheap solution?
Drive around and pick up as many wooden pallets you can find. In any urban area they are VERY plentiful for the taking or just for the asking.

Drive a few 3x3 fencing post into the ground and put a pallet in between each set of posts.
Surround your greenhouse with the pallet fence to reduce the wind against your glass or plastic. I know this sounds ghetto but you can’t find a cheaper solution than this. The wind
deflection will be pretty immediate too.



I do have access to empty pallets. The bare bones of my greenhouse went up last. I will get those pallets today or tomorrow.


Here’s where I’m at with my grow. Because I deal with the winds, I hope this does not blow down. I ordered more anchors to help. Meanwhile, I have to finish putting it together.

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If you took that metal carport frame and zip tied pallets to the outside poles, you essentially
have a greenhouse shed. Or get some self tapping pan heads and drive them directly into the
poles for anchoring. That’s the beginning of a very cool grow area.

Thanks buddy, I will try that. I will keep you posted.