Greenhouse/outdoor grow journals grown in the north (58n+)

Can someone link some grow journals from plants grown at or above latitude 58n, looking for general info like strains, yield, grow techs, quality of bud and ofcourse pictures

Hi Swede loved the country almost stayed. Don’t know about any journals that far North. Growing outside I believe is going to be a challenge, not saying it can not be done. A strain of autos is going to give you the best chance. They are advertised to mature after flower begins in about 10 weeks. They still require several months to grow to completion.
Hope this helps.

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Royal Queen has a section on strains for northern latitudes. I can’t link another seed bank’s site, however.

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I’m sure there’s someone here growing in Alaska or the upper half of Canada. I’d love to see how they deal with growing outdoors with the sunlight limitations. I assume autos would be the way to go.


I suspect @Alaska420 is up north, not sure if ever grown outdoors.