Greenhouse organic grow

I’ve got 2 photoperiod wedding cake ladies on the go, plus a smaller experimental sativa that I have no info on (free seed). I’m northern hemisphere and daylight savings will be snatching some more light next weekend. Ladies have gone into flower naturally with the change in light and temp. Greenhouse grow, organic soil and minimal organic fertilizer. 20 - 24 degrees c daytime temp, hitting a chilly 8 - 12 overnight. Both developing nice purple hues and seem healthy enough. This is my first ever grow and think we’re on week 5 of flower.
I guess I just wanted an opinion on how they’re looking for where they are in the process. Also any advice gratefully received. Thanks.


Looking great in there! Welcome!

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Yay! Thanks! The humidity battle is REAL though :weary: Fan city! :grin:

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