Greenhouse into growtent?

Hi all a newbie here just a question got 3 girls in greenhouse they start bud is it possible to put them in growtent under light etc i think its getting to cold in nights outside in greenhouse for them thanks so much

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@Annznl you can move them indoors with no problems as long as they get 12/12 light because they are budding. Make sure you don’t have any light leaks when they’re in the dark. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your grow.

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Thank you so much for quick response :+1::+1::+1:

welcome @Annznl as @skgrower mentioned welcome to ilgm and sure you can bring your gals in…lol
be alert of bugs and pest,you do not want to contaminate your tent…


Hi Bige
Yeah that was also one of reasons those caterpillars :rage:dont want to spray to much :blush:

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Hi me again as you can see did put girls in there final home.But i did see there as lot of puddles with water on the floor do i have to remove or leave it for humidity thanks

Leave your leafs Depending on your temps as long as it’s not a hard freeze several days they should be fine 40s at night are low but 50s is better remember it’s a weed it will take some punishment But if you have room inside an enough light that works too

Hi @Hogmaster
Not sure where you talking about is this answer for my post ?