Greenhouse ideas for oregon

Hey guys. I was just wondering what would be the best way to setup a soil grow in a big greenhouse. I am using platinum og kush and would like to get at least 2lbs per plant. So my question is what kind of soil should I use and what size container or should I plant in ground . Also what kind of organic nutrients for the soil should I use. I’m in oregon if that helps. Thanks.

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5-7 gallon buckets buried and I would compost with pro mix sunshine # 4 soil mix with 40% perlite and you can try nectar of Gods nutrient line are Humboltds secrets are ILGM flower power in my opinion ?


Ok awesome. Ill have to try this flower power nutrients out. Have you ever used it? I was looking at the other day. one of my friends said that I should use 200 gallon smart pot. He said that should get me the yeild that I’m looking for. Do you think that is to much?

@yoshi That is what I use NOG nutes. They are amazing. Calcium based line especially in outdoor application would be brilliant.

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Thanks for the reply guys. Ya I’ll have to check that out because I’m not a fan of making my own teas for the plants.

Do you think I could possibly get around 2lb per kush plant or should I go for a better strain in this greenhouse. I know the demand is kush but would really like to fill the greenhouse with something that is going to be a yeilder and desirable.

@Csnail It is really all about how large you grow your plant to. If you are growing a large bush or small tree then you can get between 3-5 pounds. If it were me. I would grow like 1/2 lb to pound plants and grow a large variety but that is just me. Its all really up to you.


strain matters… but seems to me if you want to get two pounds or more per plant you should plant in 40-50 gallon grow bags… you will be needing a more substantial root base than a five gallon bucket can provide.
or… dig out a hole 3-4 ft across and about 4 feet deep, then fill with soil

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I totally agree. If you are going for a large plant the 50 gal pot buried is perfect.

Thanks man perfect and one more thing. What kind of strain would you recommend for the north west. I would like to grow something that is very desirable and a good yeilder. So far everybody wants kush but I would like to check out different strains.

Why do you bury the pots? I’m new to this.

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I’ve grown for 10 years indoors but haven’t really grown to much outside in a greenhouse.

you might try blue dream or Huckleberry… both are really popular in California… ILGM sells blue dream seeds


First I would like to Welcome you to our world of grow here at I L G M you won’t find any better help anywhere than right here as you can see already.

You only need 30 to 40 gal smart pots not 200 gal. Get some Blood and Boon meal
Along with what @yoshi sujusted

Buy promix BX
Nutrient free soil
Bat Guno
Worm Casting
NOTE: do not use bat guno with seedlings…OK?



Awesome. I think we already have 50 gallon grow bags so how would I use these organic nutrients in the soil. Is there a formula to doing this. I don’t want any lock out.

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As soon as I can, I’ll write down how to mix your soil for each bag…OK ?

You’ll have to ask @yoshi about that.
I use different nutrients than he .


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Wow man that would so good. Thanks alot. It’s so hard to get accurate information these days.

Not in this forum you won’t and if I make a mistake I’ll admit it and correct it.
Then apologize and move on.


Awesome man.