Greenhouse humidity

So i live in massachusetts near the coast, real humid crazy weather rain=bud rot. I can’t grow inside so thinking about buying a greenhouse to put my white widows autoflower. I’m new to this, any ideas how to keep the humidity low in a greenhouse? This is the one I’m buying

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Ventilation either through forced with a fan, or venting at the top. This will help, the important part is you’re keeping them out of the rain in fall, you should do great.


Since you are growing autos if you’ve started them already they will be done well before bud rot season. You can probably skip the greenhouse.

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Hi I was also wondering about how to prevent bud rot doing outdoor grows but without a greenhouse. I’m also in Massachusetts is there a good outdoor grow person or info I can read up on? Doing feminized ww.

One of the best outdoor growers you can read is Jorge Cervantes.

New England is kinda all similar in the sense that September is usually warm and dry but October cools off and is wetter. The wet cool nights are what brings on the rot. 50s and rainy is like prime time. The best thing you can do is make smart choices when it comes to selecting the strains you grow outdoors. There are strains that are specially bred to be more mold resistant. Also shorter flowering strains are good because they will finish up before the weather turns to bud rot.

I’m sure in mass your first hard frost is late enough that it’s not as big a worry as it is for us up north.

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@Deez thank you I’ll check him out. Do you have any strain suggestions or recommendations? Thank you again for the help. @Izzy617x sorry for jumping on your post.

It’s all right bro. I also had the same question as you.

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ILGM Gold Leaf has very good mold/rot resistance and finishes in time at my latitude in northern vt. I’ve grown that every summer for years now and it’s always consistent and does well in our fall climate.

Last summer I had really good success with MK ultra from ILGM. Finishes quickly, and no issues that plant with rot or mold even while a super silver haze right next to it was being hit on a regular basis.

There’s also a seed bank that I’ve been meaning to try that specializes in mold resistant strains. I’m not gonna post the link out of respect for who pays for this forum but sufficient to say it’s really easy to find and is just as obviously named as ILGM.

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@Deez looks like I know what next summers grow will be thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Around what time do you start you’re photoperiod strains?

In years past I’ve grown from seed and typically pop seeds in early April. This year I have a couple of clones as well and those were rooted by April 1 so those are a little ahead of where I usually have them before they go out.

Nice thing with photos is you can start as early as you want and all that happens is you have bigger plants when you put them out in mid-late may

That greenhouse is a turd and no one should buy it. It has no structural stenght and in a hard rain or high wind, it iwll collapse.

I peomise. If you want to build a small greenhouse, then look into a 1-5/8 fence rail jig, and then throw 6 mil poly over it.