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Hi there, first time posting here. Basically 707 soil in 25 gallon pots in a greenhouse, about to flip them (4ftby4ft approx), the strain is ruthless, i am using advanced nutrients special program made for me by them, but during veg i am using (sensicalmag, ph perfect micro, grow, bloom and vodoo), i started them off clones in 707, the initial ppm was 350 and now up to 800-900 before the flip. The water is off of a well with ph being 9 and ppm around 170, we do not filter it, it has never been an issue until now. I am trying to figure out what your opinion is on this, it looks like a nutrient burn but i have not overfed (i literally test the ph and ppm in my tank before feed like a maniac). Could it be caused by something else…so confused as most problems on cannabis have identical symptoms. All replies are much appreciated. !

@Ruthlessforlife welcome to the the forum mate, :slight_smile: did you say PH is 9.0 ? wow maybe check that first :slight_smile: good luck happy growing

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I agree with @aussie123556 if your ph gets too high your plant will lockout any nutrients that are in the soil, pretty much a defense mechanism. So even if your adding nutrients or they are in the soil your plant won’t take them.

Thanks for replying guys, as i mentioned i am a maniac on ph-ing and getting the right ppm so i do ph down my water since it is a high ph directly off the well. So i know its not ph related, I checked the ph of the soil with a slurry test and using a Hanna digital ph meter in the soil, it tested at 6.3-4. So its something else, and that is what is bothering m, cant figure it out. The plants look great overall its just this appeared, and i have been giving them water only for a few times to wash off anything build up, which leaves me with thinking it may be something in my well water…

may I ask why you are not using soil? If you have access to good farm soil your weed will flourish with just straight dechlorinated water.

You can take plants in coco or fox farms / peat mixes and transplant directly into soil. It is an easy way to fix outdoor plants or greenhoused plants that are locked out or toxic. Simply fush really well, say 3 times the pot volume in straight water, let that sit a few days to dry out and transplant into the new environment. Your weed will send feeders into the new soil and self correct. Takes about a week.

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I am using soil, I have informed that we grow in 707 soil…

@Cannabian this is a good looking plant you have

Im sorry, I dont know what 707 soil is? I grow in soil dug out of a cottonwood forest. I then plant clover in it and top dress with organic partially composted hay. Once that is in place I introduce African red wrigglers and begin throwing garden waste and green manure on the top. The spots with no hay have been planted with crimson clover which is now sprouting. The clover affixes nitrogen by sequestration from the atmosphere.

@Cannabian, sounds awesome. I think my problem is coming from calmag, my well water is a bit harsh and the base nutrients already have some calmag and i substituted some more in the mix and that might have been it.

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Perhaps, take a look at calmag and see what else it has on board, like maybe nitrogen ?

@Ruthlessforlife hi again was this leaf at the top or bottom of the plant ? :slight_smile: and the only leaf like this ? :slight_smile:
have you seen the cannabis leaf diagnosis charts, or maybe read about mobile an immobile plant symptoms :slight_smile: it may help a little, :slight_smile: good luck.