Greenhouse Grow turned Ugly!

Hello Fellow Growmies!

Sad to say that since my last post, when everything was right in my growing world, I managed to get some bud rot!!! It spread very quick, and I’m sad to say I lost 2 of my plants. I managed to stave off some on another plant and it looks like it will make it.

I had to move my WW and 5 Alive girls outside, there got too big for the greenhouse. Moving them outside presents a whole other battle. I found the slightest bits of white blotchy specks on some leaves. Gunna give them both a peroxide wash tonight.

So I had to build some kind of platform for the outside plants; so I got some pallets from work and built an adjustable table/stand. Works great.

Anyway, here’s some bud porn for ya, thanks for listening.


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Hate hearing that Growmie. Survivors are looking phenomenal :love_you_gesture:


Good Afternoon :smiley: several of your pictures did not load. I have found it best to upload a couple at a time. Those are some big girls. Looking Good! :blush::v:


next year I envision a SCROG table just big enough for you to get around the plant to bend and tuck. Fill the greenhouse one way or another.
Sorry about the bud rot. The survivors look great