Greenhouse grow # 2

So first grow down.
Started 2 super skunks that were gifted to me , not sure on where they came from but they are happy and healthy so far , I also am germinating an ILGM Gold Leaf***
I am gonna fill out a support ticket soon. This is gonna be another light supplemented grow
Last grow I built a cheap cfl fixture it has 4 sockets with splitters so have 4 6500k and 4 2700k bulbs.
It is just to supplement light through winter I am gonna keep these going till march then put em outside the greenhouse with the seedlings that I am starting in February or March so basically a super long veg period for these three it will also be a good experiment as I have all three in different soils. So more to come along with the support tickets.


I also have a couple strawberry plugs in with SS # 1
And I also have cauliflower , snowpeas , lavender , marigolds , catnip , spearmint , dill , cilantro , rosemary , romain lettuce in the greenhouse and may put in more herbs and flowers in the pots with the cannabis just have not decided yet.
Most the reason for all the herbs and flowers is most of them repell aphids and other non benificial bugs
And I will try to keep the cannabis posts seperate from the rest of the garden so as not to jumble things up too much.
Happy growing more info to come later today
Super psyched!!
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This will be interesting to watch :+1: Thx for the tag

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Love the set up! Switched to watching!! Thanks for the tag


Support ticket.

Strains: Gifted Super Skunk(x2)
ILGM Gold Leaf(1)

Age from Sprout: Super Skunk #1,#2 - 12/30/17
Gold Leaf*** - 1/20/18

Soil in 10 gallon plastic pots : Super Skunk # 1 is in Kellogg brand organic raised bed soil and top dressed with a healthy dose of worm castings

Super Skunk # 2 is in Fox Farm OF , bottom third filled with a mix of kellogg soil , worm castings , epsom salt , and elamite ( like azomite for trace elements )

Gold Leaf is in Fox Farm HF , bottom third filled with a mix of kellogg soil , worm castings , epsom salt , and elamite ( like azomite for trace elements )

How often do you water and how do you determine when to do so? Finger in the dirt water as needed.

Water in pH : 6.5
Run off pH : 6.8 before transplanting to big pots.

What is strength of nutrient mix? Just added a lil bit of guano tea

Outdoor/green house

Light system: sun and supplementing light with an 8 bulb cfl fixture that I built during the first grow. With alternating 6500k-2700k bulbs. They have a solid 7 hrs of good direct sunlight so only supplementing light for 11 hrs so basically runnin an 18/6 cycle

Temps: day 100f / nite 50f

Humidity: day 20-40% / nite 40-80%

Ventilation system: open vents in green house

AC: box fan for circulation and two terra cotta pots with home made paraffin oil lamps for heat though the light fixture generally provides enough heat for nite time. I did have a space heater plugged in but was a waste of power.

Co2: no

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So what I have learned so far is that I do not like transplanting. Last grow I germed/sprouted/grew in the same 7gallon burlap sack. I started the SS’s in small I gal pots and just transplanted them to the big pots on the 13th. I just do not like disturbing the plants like that.
So on the GL I soaked the seed overnight in water then got my big 10 gal pot ready and put her straight to the dirt in her forever home
This worked well last grow so I think I will keep to this method for future grows.
Just put GL in the dirt last nite so waiting for her to say hello to the world soon.
Updates to come


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Set to watching. I love watching grows. @Growit


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Lol always lurking, kinda freaky if you picture a lil grandma always peeking around the corner at you lol.


Lol!! Right on I got a funny image in my head too
Your always welcome to lurk in my garden @SmoknGranny

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nice @Growit! I’m in for the ride, switched to watching :smiley:

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Oh and the plastic pots…this was partly because it is cold and thought the plastic would contribute to more warmth for the plants plus I bought them for my first grow but it was suggested here that fabric was better so I did burlap sacks that I found cheap. So had these layin around and figured “why not”.
I drilled several holes in the sides and bottom plus there is a lil plastic grate in the bottom to add more drainage.
Also doing the plastic to see how well they do as I may use plastic pots for this years outdoor season grow because I am so worried about water retention in summer time with the fabric or burlap. I am in the Las Vegas desert and mid summer is gonna be mean so we will see how it goes
I was gonna run a drip system but my water is at 8.1 on the pH scale and is chlorinated. So hoping to be able to find some thing to plant them in that won’t let em dry out while I am at work during the day. Any way that will be another journal enough about that
Lets see how this goes. I will try and share more this time around and be more detailed in the journal. Thanks everyone for all your help to this point and look forward to learning even more from all of you with this lil experiment


Or worse


I’m going to use a 55 gallon plastic barrel for the chlorine problem for the water. I’m not sure about the ph from the outside faucet but will deal with it in the spring.


A big barrel up on a second story balcony is nice to run a drip system. You refill it and adjust the pH when it runs low. I actually use chlorinated tap water plus nutes and pH adjustment for my plants. They are doing great.


That’s a good tip :+1:

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Yea I was looking at doing the same thing if I have to. 50 gallon food grade drum and pH it down using vinegar as I am going to be doing 12 plants in 10gal pots this year plus my veggie garden so pHing 50gallons at a time with pH down would be rather expensive. And run a timer and drip system off of that
Because since I have learned about pH and how imparative it is to root nute uptake I have been pHing the water for ALL the pots not just the cannabis pots.
Hopefully I can avoid this drum thing by keeping good water retention in the soil. We shall see how it goes. That grow is gonna be nuts!!

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