Greenhouse for seedlings?

Ready to put germinated seeds in small pots. Can i keep them in an outdoor greenhouse before transplanting to larger pots?

That’s a way of germinating but preferred method are paper towels or water cup

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What are the day and night time temps in your area?

Sorry, I did not make myself clear. Seeds have already sprouted in water. Tomorrow I will put the seeds in small pots and transplant them to larger pots when they grow 8-12 inches long. I am growing outside in grow bags. For lighting purposes, should I leave the smaller pots outside on patio before transplanting or is it ok to put them in a greenhouse until they grow larger? Will it be too hot for seedlings?

In the alternative, can i put the sprouted seeds directly in the larger pots?

Also, do plants grow well generally by keeping them in a greenhouse which is located on the south side of our building?

I live in chicago. Right now the day temps are in upper 80’s, lows in mid 70’s F.

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I would advise to keep them protected until they get a bigger root system that way she can fight the heat

It’s the way to go if they are auto flower plants. Photo seems to like going from pot to pot as they get larger.

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Upper 80s is already pretty hot. If you put them in a green house I would think it would be hotter no?

I’d wait till they were two weeks old personally. We hit 90s today, I’m not far from chi town. If you are using micco inoculants and photo period plants you can get exponentially more root growth with 2 transplants vs going straight to final pot. Was looking for the 2x diagram. But it works the same way, there’s just a second expanse then.

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