Greenhouse experimental grow in MA

I have a small greenhouse, 8x12 and about 10’ high at the peak. I have installed 4 automatic windows in the roof and modified with another 2 removable windows in the back along with the doors in front. No matter what I did the thing got so hot my plants would end up like crap. This year…… I tried something new. I had always used 15 gallon pots but I figured the roots were being baked by the sun and heat. So this year I dug a large hole in the center and buried a 40 gallon pot to ground level and filled it with my own soil. I covered it with stray to keep it cool also. I planted a Wedding Cake clone May 15 and the pic is the result so far. Not one yellow leaf on the damn plant! I cut the top about 2 weeks ago, but it has already regrown back to being too tall for the greenhouse. One cool thing I tried was I put a bunch of red wrigglers (common worms for fishing and composting) and they are thriving! I had added about 400 but they have been breeding because I have found babies in there. Weird thing is it just started to bud a few days ago, I don’t know if I will have enough time before it gets too cold. I did break a branch off in the very front about a month ago but it has healed over nicely.


Those are small trees … congrats :clap: