Greenhouse build on the cheap

Oh man!! That really sucks. It would be a nasty sore spot.

Sounds about right what is wrong with people like it’s to much to be a decent person? Honor your word and give an honest days work for good days pay ,I do like the shelf’s tho nice repurposeing sorry about your bad luck


agree,I always try to live by the golden rule. The truck was just a material thing, who knows I might have spent a butt load of money and the first time out got broadsided by a drunk… :sunglasses: :vulcan_salute: Mike


Looking good. As for snooping neighbors I was thinking about using the extraction process I use to make feco and extracting the urushiol from the abundant poison ivy on my property and making a paste I can put on stuff so when people touch it they get handfuls of concentrated poison ivy juice. Just one of those random 4am thoughts.


That is a great looking shelf

I like it good plan for nosy neighbors

Nothing about that plan screams backfire

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@Allinherhead To much work, last year I had this come up in my back yard

After research I found out its called Maypop, very invasive and attracts Bumblebees, seeds form in a pod which is about the size of a baseball. Just after this showed up I got a nest of bumblebees that were very aggressive. I couldn’t mow because they would attack. I figure if I throw a handful of seeds in his bushes and behind his fence… Well payback is a bitch


That’s awesome!! Payback is Hell!!

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Kinda passive aggressive , awsome.
We had some obnoxious folks camped next to us one time and my brothers squirted watered down pancake syrup around their tents and tables and the ants and yellow jackets made their weekend less enjoyable.


:thinking: I think I have some syrup. I have ants, it would be rude not to share. I still like the Maypop its a alien/pod person type thing. Its to cool to pull up but he doesn’t know what it attracts till its to late.