Greenhorn here. Looking for affirmation

Hey thanks for that.

How do you apply?

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I added 3 tablespoons to one gallon poured one gallon between two pots soaking them the top two icnhes of each pot two times a week also sprayed neem oil on the plants under the leaves. Took me a month but littlle fungus gnats no more. If I see any and you will I spray down the soil.

Get yourself a SmallBoy watering filter. Not too expensive and definitely provide for healthier plants.

Just wanted to give an update!!

They are doing wonderfully!

They started flowering at day 21, and this is what they look like at day 32:

The temps have been getting pretty low, due to a SUPER cold snap we got here.
So the future sugar leaves are getting some pretty purple to them

I know out of chronological order, but I had done a SUPER heavy de-foliation on them, like 4 days ago.
And a moderate one like 9 days ago.
The one 4 days ago I took of LITERALLY every single fan leaf off of every branch, except the VERY top set on every branch.
BLOWS my mind how fast they fill out.

I will do one more heavy defoliation in about 2.5 weeks.
Just before defoliaton 9 days ago:

Just after defoliation 9 days ago:

(I’m a stoner. The below image was IMG_0420 on this memory card :smiley:
I’m glad it wasn’t blurry, because I would’ve uploaded it anyway!)

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I’m familiar with the cold. It was 20f when I walked out door this morning and felt like a heatwave.

Imo you should choose one path or the other when cleaning up your canopy. If you’re going to do heavy defol then do one after transition and maybe another 2 weeks prior to harvest. If you’re going to do light defol, then just pull a few large fan leaves here and there throughout your grow. You don’t want to get into habit of potentially taking enough leaves to shock your plants all the time.


Appreciate that dbrn32, good info to know :love_you_gesture: